Zazzle Deals and Discounts: Treasure Thursday from Zazzle

Hey loves, its another Treasure Thursday post! While we are in the middle of the fall-inspired posts on this blog this week, I wanted to throw in some treasures I could find quickly for you. These are not all necessarily for weddings so you might need to do some searching and digging to find the wedding specific ones.

As usual, Thursday Treats come from our sponsors and today it’s all about Zazzle Deals and Discounts. Remember that when we share deals and discounts from our sponsors, we include our affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through the links, Knotsvilla gets compensated!

Thanks for enjoying our Thursday Treats and feel free to let me know the kinds of deals you would greatly appreciate. Now get to shopping readers!

Current & Upcoming Zazzle Deals:

1. $6 Off Each iPhone 6 Pre-Ordered Case | Use Code: FUNNEWDEVICE | Expires: 9/14/2014

2. $6 off each case + 10% off sitewide | Use Code: CUSTOMZCASES | Expires: 9/12/2014

3. 15% off all orders | Use Code: BOUNDLESSFUN | Expires: 9/15/2014

4. 50% off cards, Invites, stickers & favor boxes | Use Code: CUSTOMPARTYZ

5. 20% Off Night Lights |Use code: 20NIGHTLIGHT | Expires: 9/12/2014

6. 10% Off Device Cases | Use Code: FUN4URDEVICE | Expires: 09/30/2014

7. 10% Off Paper Napkins | Use Code: PARTYNAPKINS | Expires: 09/30/2014 


8. 15% Off Business Cards | Use Code: BIZCARD4SALE | Expires: 09/30/2014

9. 15% Off Bags & Drawstring Backpacks | Use Code: BAGFORSCHOOL | Expires: 09/30/2014

10. 15% Off Clipboards | Use Code: 15CLIPBOARDS | Expires: 09/30/2014

11. 20% off Door Hangers & Light Switch Covers | Use Code: ZROOMACCENTZ | Expires: 9/30/2014

12. 20% Off Rings & Charm Bracelets | Use Code: CHARMJEWELRY | Expires: 9/30/2014

13. 25% Off Buttons | Use Code: SELFEXPREZZZ | Expires: 9/30/2014

Happy shopping!

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