Yes, For You, I am Thankful!

I’d keep it simple;

For you reading this post right now, I am super thankful! You have no idea how much encouragement you clicking the link gives me. Sometimes the passion of blogging feels like it’s wearing out but your click, your share, your like and your participation rekindles it all over again. So yes, for you, I am thankful.

For you Bloggy sister stopping by to remind me “we are in this together”, yes I am thankful. You are truly concerned with how EWAM is doing. You do not approach this blog (and this blogger) with a competition front but with a partnership and friendship front. That in itself is a truckload of encouragement and it means a lot, so yes, for you, I am thankful.

For the submissions that keep flooding in? Of course I am thankful! You vendors give my readers the reason to come by everyday and be inspired by your awesome works of art. Some of you even keep in touch and make EWAM your second e-home to share your work and creative minds. Yes, for you I am thankful.

For you who gets inspiration from this Blog, get it done right and come back to let me know, Yes my darling, for you I am thankful. Nothing beats feedback from a customer – in this case a reader. So when you send me pictures on Instagram to post saying “Thanks to EWAM who helped me out during wedding planning” my smile widens, my heart is glad. For you I am super thankful!

Thanks to ArinaB Photography and the vendors below for sharing this gorgeous Hawaii shoot with EWAM…Yes, for you too, I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving people! Lots of Love from this Bloggy Girl!

Vendors – Photography: ArinaB Photography | Location : Puna, Big Island | Lace wedding Dress: Elyse Reuben | Make Up and Hair: Christina Brown (@ina_kilikina) | Torques dress: Repeat Possessions | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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