Yellow Panama Wedding by Chloe Moore Photography

Today’ I’m happily whisking you away to Panama for some sunshine! This Yellow Panama wedding by Chloe best descbries the word “fun”. Siannah and Mike got married at the JW Marriott Buenaventura in Panama with Chloe Moore Photography being the only American vendor was Chloe who clearly did an amazing job. Siannah was born in the US to Panamanian parents and moved back there at age 12 to do junior high and high school and came back for college.  As a result, the couple thought having the wedding in Panama would allow her family to all participate and give their friends from the US an excuse to have a vacation in Panama.

What Mike had to say when I asked him made me chuckle…it’s always fun hearing wedding talk from the man’s side.

“The whole four day event was fun and our guests were in for a different surprise each day, from partying on a rooftop in the historical old town of panama to doing an amphibious tour through the city and water ways to a private lunch on a beach resort en route to our main venue. I told Siannah that I for sure will never be able to get married again because there is no way I would be able to top this! Lol. And by Siannah calling me groomzilla, means that I planned 97% of everything including getting my yellow calla Lillie’s (which I was told panama doesn’t have.) Best wedding ever.” – Mike


“It was fun getting ready we were drinking champagne, discussing how we were going to do the Harlem Shake video and the reception, etc.  I made a game time decision to add orchids to my hair from some that were in my room and it turned out to be a fun call. ” – Siannah


What’s not to love about these shoes??


It was a Calla-beauty wedding!


“I remember walking down from the room towards the little church that was on the resort and I was just so happy instead of nervous.  I couldn’t believe that all my dear friends (who I consider family) made it all the way to my little paradise of Panama to meet my family and to celebrate our big day.  I was so happy in realizing how blessed we are.  When I walked into the church I was overwhelmed with how packed it was and how intimate it was.  Mike and I had some funny moments during the ceremony.  Starting off by the fact that my dad had made us all practice like 20 times the day before  the entrance and how he was going to hand me over to Mike.  Of course as soon we walk down the aisle, my dad got all nervous and did it backwards. Mike and I laughed out loud and that set the tone for the rest of the day.” – Siannah


“Our ceremony was done in Spanish and English so that everyone could follow along.  We exchanged our vows in a different way.  I said them in English and she said them in Spanish so that our families could understand.  I apparently ran out of the church after the priest gave us his blessing and my wedding planner ran after me.  I was afraid that we would miss the sunset and I knew if I stuck around a bit we would be bombarded by people taking pictures and congratulating us.” – Siannah


What a gorgeous cake, perfect colors topped with those Calla Lillies.


“We had the “hora loca” which we themed mardi gras style with hats, boas, necklaces etc…. we proceeded to do the Harlem Shake dance which at the time was big and had everyone participate.  After that, people thought the party was over, but we had shots passed out and moved to the beach where the fireworks show begun.  That was amazing, we lit up the beach and people were genuinely surprised.  Mike and I were just so happy to have pulled off our wedding with all the logisitical concerns of planning a wedding outside the country.  We jumped in the pool, and in the beach at 1 a.m. and had a blast with everyone!”



Photographer:  Chloe Moore Photography | Wedding Planner: Event Solutions (Cristina Aleman) | Decor: MDI Eventos | Fireworks: FAISA | Makeup: Jerry Herrera | Hair: Clelvia’s

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  1. Bajan Wed

    Wow, what an amazing wedding!! Love their traditional, national costumes- quite beautiful!

  2. Sayo C

    The bouquet, bridesmaids dresses and those pictures of him carry her are so so beautiful

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