Yellow Green Wedding Inspiration for the Spring

Yellow Green Wedding

If you are like me, you are so over this crazy winter and just can’t wait to actually see the trees and leaves come to life. Yes, winter can be beautiful (see this Icy Blue Winter Wedding board) but these days here in Toronto I can hardly wait till we are done – this cold is no longer funny or bearable. With that in mind and the next season seeming like the next best thing, I decided to work on this Yellow Green Wedding Inspiration board.

Yellow and Green are a few of the most common natural spring colors as the green represent the grass and trees and the yellow represent the gorgeous flowers all coming back to life. Another key thing about the Spring season is the rain, the rain quickly washes away all the snow, and gets the trees/flowers refreshed. So something about the Spring indicates life – new life.

Here is my Yellow Green Wedding Inspiration for the upcoming Spring season. I made sure to keep that bride in the rain with her boots, because aside from the color, that photo is as “spring” as it gets!

Yellow Green Wedding Spring

Photo Credits: Bride with Umbrella, Photo by Cade Martin via Burnetts Boards | Yellow tie Groom, Photo by Jennifer Eileen Photography via Fab You Bliss | Yellow Green Wedding Bouquet by Wendie Monroy, Photo by Jenavieve Belair  via Ruffled Blog | Yellow Green Wedding Invitation via Etsy (Affiliate Link) | Yellow Green Outdoor Ceremony setting by Vanessa Joy Photography via Knotsvilla

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