Yellow Green Rainy Wedding Inspiration

It’s not Spring time but we could not help envisioning a gorgeous yellow green rainy wedding with this board we had curated a while ago. Yellow and Green are two colors which go pretty well especially when one thinks of citrus fruits like lime and lemon. This fruity wedding inspiration board takes things to another level when we included rainy bits such as rain boots and umbrella.

Who said rain during weddings means bad luck? They create one of the prettiest photos we’ve seen so far. They allow extra room of creativity and personality in bits of the wedding such as attire; ditch the heels and grab on distinct yellow rain boots.

We are smitten by our Yellow Green Rainy Wedding Inspiration board today and hopefully this beautiful board can help calm the “what-if-it-rains-on-my-wedding day” fears and allow couples to enjoy their wedding day; rain or sunshine!

Yellow Green Rainy Wedding Inspiration



Yellow Bridesmaid photo by Renee Sprink Photography | Wedding Cake by Cake-A-Licious, photo by Alixann Loosle Photography.| Rainy Couple with Umbrella photo by Kimberly Brooke | Yellow and Green Wedding Invitation by Oh So Beautiful Paper | Yellow Rain boots and Heels photo by Wayne and Angela

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