Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses

Rise and Shine, it’s the sunny color over here! Planning a Yellow wedding or considering what that would look like from the angle of your bridesmaids? Well today is all about Yellow Bridesmaids dresses in various styles to help you decide. On Monday we talked about the 4 ways to style your Bridesmaids, today is about applying those tips for a Bride with a Yellow wedding in mind.

There are many ways to style your Bridesmaids and the easy way to begin is asking yourself questions like; 

-What shade of Yellow am I going for?  

-Would all the dresses be exact or would they vary in length, style or shade?

-How can I incorporate my wedding theme into their looks either in dresses, flowers or style of shoes. 

These questions should help you narrow the Yellow Wedding look you are going for and these photos below should inspire you. 

1. Uniform Styling: Same Dresses.

Short-Yellow-Bridesmaids-DressYellow-Bridesmaids-DressesYellow-Bridesmaids-DressesPhoto by Nancy Anderson Cordell Photography via Bayside Bride | Photo by NMT Photography | Photo by  Forever Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

2. Same Shade, Different Style

Light-Yellow-Bridesmaids Yellow-Bridesmaids-Dress-ShortYellow-Bridesmaids-LongPhoto by Peacock Photography | Photo by  Trent Bailey Photography via Bridal Musings | Photo by Melvin Gilbert

3. Mismatched Styling: Totally different dresses but still keeping the color theme in mind.

Yellow-Bridesmaids-mismatchedYellow-BridesmaidsYellow-Bridesmaids-Dress-MismatchedPhoto by KT Merry via Southern Weddings | Photo by Gabriel Boone via Bridal Hood | Photo by Estanislao Photography via Done Brilliantly

4. Two Piece Styling: Skirt and Top for Bridesmaids.

Yellow-Bridesmaids-Two-PieceYellow-Bridesmaids-Top-SkirtYellow-Bridesmaids-Two-PiecesPhoto by Chard Photo | Photo by Simply Bloom Photography via Yes Bride | Photo by Oh Darling! via Snippet & Ink

So what style do you have you eyes on? I honestly don’t have a favorite – I’d gladly be styled with any of these by a Bride. As long as the dress is pretty and does not run my bank account dry, I’m in! 🙂

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  1. Katie McC

    I love the new look Gee! Adorable yellow dresses. Yellow is my favorite color ever, so I can only imagine how cute my future bridesmaids will be when I get married someday!

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    […] Yellow weddings are interesting, depending on the shade they could be loud or subtle. This board is definitely more on the loud Yellow side and instead of a “soothing” atmosphere, I think it brings a playful and happy one. These 4 ideas can easily bring your happy yellow wedding to life: The bride’s flowers (since her dress is white, that creates the perfect contrast for the flowers to be noticed), The hanging lanterns if you are having a tent wedding, the flowers on the centerpieces (with table-cloth white/neutral for it to stand out), and bridesmaids dresses in yellow. For the bridesmaids in yellow, here are ways to style your yellow bridesmaids. […]


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