Woodland Sunflower Bridal Inspiration

Sometimes all you need is a perfect Woodland Sunflower bridal inspiration to brighten up your day! We have a gorgeous submission with sunflower beauties and mixes of cobalt blue with hints of rustic and boho feel which are quite pleasing to the eye.

Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-decor Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-vintage-decor Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-centerpiece Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-0a Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-00 Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-signage Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-ring Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-blue-yellow Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-blue

As Kristi Roe Owen of This Love and her team began to conceptualize a shoot with sunflowers at the heart, she turned to a master– literally–borrowing from one of the favorite color combinations of a fellow lover of sunflowers, Van Gogh, pairing brilliant cobalt and ribbon blues with the vibrant yellows and golds of the radiant blooms.

To tame the heavily saturated palette, she set it against a backdrop of the traditional bright, crisp wedding whites, integrating depression-era milk glass, delicious white rattan, and various textures and shades of lace and sheer, translucent linens.

The sweet burlap on the cake crafted by Tulsa’s iconic Ann’s Bakery perfectly reflected the homespun feel of the twine used elsewhere in the shoot. A variety of cobalt blue glass and milk glass rather than one style brought a carefully curated feel to the decor.

According to Kristi, one of the ways to avoid the “too-perfect” cookie-cutter feel that even vintage-infused weddings can sometimes have is to integrate slightly varied shades, shapes, and textures rather than steering toward identical settings at each table or precisely perfect linens.

Few people understand this better than Beth Bolinger of Betty’s Stems, whose artisanal sunflower arrangements were simply heavenly. She incorporated a variety of blues in her cuts, adding to our cobalt and ribbon blues a wide array of richer sapphire accents, dainty cornflower, and a shade of bluebonnet with an almost violet hue. Her bouquets, wrapped in lace, tiny pearls, and vivid blue ribbon, echoed the carefully curated variety of the shoot.

Beth also created a crown of golden sunflowers for the flower-child bride and crafted a twine-and-sunflower belt to transform her simple, lovely gown into something ever so earthy while retaining its elegance. Their brilliant cosmetics artist Manda Fabian applied warm, natural colors in keeping with the storybook sweetness of the shoot, adding a dramatic pop of golden yellow on the inner corner of the bride’s eye.

Hair stylist Alyssa Ide of Veuxdoo Dahlia MUA, completed the look with gorgeous, long waves. This look is so transcendent that the model Jillian and the overall shoot itself would have felt as natural in a church, fabulous hotel, or at a Coachella wedding as it did in our breathtaking venue, Tranquility Hollow of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-hair Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-flowercrown Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-02 Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-bouquet Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-cake-ring Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-cake-01 Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-cake Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-bride Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-boho Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-0j Woodland-sunflower-bridal-inspiration-03


Photographer: Isa-B Photography//Makeup Artist: Freelance Makeup Artists//Model: Jillian Myers//Other: Producer-Jealous Melon Photography//Bakery: Ann’s Bakery//Floral: Betty’s Stems//Design and Decor: This Love //Event Venue: Tranquility Hollow//Hair Stylist: Veuxdoo Dahlia MUA//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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