Winter Wedding: 10 Ways to Rock Your Winter Wedding

It’s easy to see that lately we’ve been winter friendly on KV. While I am not a fan of the actual cold, I love the look of Winter (why can’t we get only that?). Today’s winter wedding love comes in the format KV is getting known for “10 Ways to Rock your…”. We’ve done for the fall wedding, Nautical wedding and Christmas wedding. The goal is definitely to cover more themes in the future!

Speaking of a Winter Wedding, just last week we looked at gorgeous winter bridal looks and 2 weeks ago we had some winter flower power (here and here). Today’s post can be seen more as a roundup post just in case we don’t get to cover each aspect for your beautiful winter wedding.

The Winter season varies when it comes to its duration, depending on your location. While some places have a much earlier winter, here in Toronto, it has pretty much just begun – got our first snow a few weeks ago. So from the month of December to March is the ideal winter season as April comes Spring (the spring showers that wash away the winter ice and snow).

One of the winter season’s key features is the cold (duh!), drying up of trees, and the beautiful winter snow – flurries and more – this is where most of your winter wedding inspiration lies! Also Winter weddings before January are usually intertwined with the Christmas holidays so these 2 themes are easily mixed up and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Object Inspiration: Ornaments, Pine Cone, Snow flakes

Color Inspiration: Brown, Blue, White, Red, Green, Silver

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1. Wedding Invitations


Winter invitations by Rock my Invites Etsy Shop – Vanessa Joy Photography via Knotsvilla


Photo via Ever After Papery Etsy Shop

2. Winter Wedding Flowers – Bouquets

Winter Wedding Bouquets Color Combinations(3)

Winter Wedding Bouquets and Color Palettes


Winter bouquet by Flower Ally, photo – Amber J Photography via Knotsvilla

3. Bridal Makeup

winter bridal makeup

Winter wedding makeup photo by de Belle Photography via Elegant Wedding


Winter wedding makeup photo by Amber J Photography via Knotsvilla

4. Ceremony Decor


Winter wedding ceremony decor photo by Studio ATG via Bridal Guide

5. Reception Decor


Winter wedding centerpiece by RAE Affairs, photo by Tunji Sarumi Photography via KnotsVilla


Winter wedding centerpiece photo by Vanessa Joy Photography via KnotsVilla

6. Warm Drinks – Hot Chocolate


Hot chocolate favor photo by Jack Deutsch, © 2012 The Stonesong Press, LLC via Bridal Guide


Hot chocolate donuts photo by Harwell Photography via SMP

7. Wedding Cake


Photo by  Belle Studio- Esther & Gabe via Fly Away Bride


Winter wedding cake with penguin toppers photo by Vanessa Joy Photography via KnotsVilla

8. Bridesmaids Dresses

winter bridesmaids crown-photography-tiffany-blue-winter-wedding-17

Tiffany Blue Bridesmaids Dress from Brides & Beaus, photo by Crown Photography via Artfully Wed

Winter Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

Winter Blue Bridesmaids Dresses by Alfred Sung

9. Wedding Favors – Pashminas


Photo by Alixann Loosle Photography via Wedding Chicks

Photo by Photography by Monique

10. The Perfect Winter Couple Shot


Photo by Lovely Lace via 500px


Photo by C.heis Photography

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