Winter Park Surprise Proposal by Rania Marie Photography

When: January 02, 2016 | Where: Winter Park, Florida | Theme: Outdoors, Park

Once in a while we get submissions of the actual marriage proposal and it always makes our hearts flutter; giving us a feeling like we were present ourselves. Taylor and Shawn’s Winter Park Surprise Proposal took place at the Kraft Azalea Park which is super gorgeous and in a very charming area of Winter Park. The couple are not from Florida but were only there for the holidays when the question was popped!

The Winter Park Surprise Proposal

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“We had been down in Florida since December 28th with Shawn’s work. I had known my family was coming down to see us for a few days in Orlando before heading to Tampa for the rest of their vacation. On the morning of January 2nd, my mum, sister and I had a spa day planned (courtesy of Shawn as a christmas gift). We got mani/ pedis and had a great morning.

Shawn had work again just like he had had every day while we were down there. I was told we were going to meet his brother and his family for an early dinner and Shawn was going to meet us there since he was coming from the fields. My parents and sister picked me up about 4:15pm. All I knew was that we were going for dinner at some restaurant by a lake that his brother picked.

As we were driving through this beautiful park that was on a lake, my dad stops the car. Everyone is silent. I asked “whats going on? ” My sister sitting beside me just laughs and my mum, already with tears in her eyes, goes ok there is the restaurant lets get out. So I get out and my mum points over to a little bridge. As I look a bit harder I can see Shawn standing on it.

Walking over as best I could with heels on the grass, and as I got closer I could hear the song ” Die a happy man” by Thomas Rhett (our favourite song). When I reached him I had tears in my eyes and my hands were shaking. As he told me how much he loved me and how much I meant to him, he got down on one knee, showed me the most beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. Obviously I said YES!

Little did I know he had hired a professional photographer who did a lovely photoshoot in the park with us and my family.

Just when I thought it was all over. He surprised me again. I knew we had dinner plans to meet his brother but it was at an Irish pub, with live Irish music, as if we were back in Ireland (where it all started). Oh and he also had some of our friends meet us there too!

It was the most PERFECT day ever!” – Taylor

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Photographer: Rania Marie Photography//Other Location: Kraft Azalea Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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