Romantic Wine Country Wedding by David Pascolla Photography

To wrap this day up, here’s a romantic wine country wedding from California; full of rustic elegance, style and one of the most beautiful color combinations! Thanks to the talented David Pascolla Photography who captured this beauty and Katy, his assistant who submitted it. Now KV readers have the perfect wedding to end this #WeddingWednesday with!

About the Wine Country Wedding

Where: Paso Robles, CA | When: June 20, 2015 | Theme: Rustic Elegance | Colors: Blush Pink, Grey, Gold

Since Anna’s family is from Northern California and Brad’s family is from Southern California, they decided to meet in the middle on the Central Coast where their story began for their wedding celebration. They chose Opolo Vineyards because of its unique location on a hill with stunning views overlooking the vineyard.

The doorway that Anna and Brad walked through at the ceremony and all of the wooden signs for the lawn games were made by Brad’s parents. Their wedding was also filled with lawn games which is always a winner for the guests! More fun touches of the wedding included the tractor and trailer with wooden benches which was used to transport guests up and down from the hill to the reception in the wine cellar!

For dinner, the couple had a barbecque dinner and an ice cream bar instead of a cake.

Wine-Country-Wedding-shoes Wine-Country-Wedding-rustic-invitation Wine-Country-Wedding-bridesmaids-robes Wine-Country-Wedding-dressesWine-Country-Wedding-letter Wine-Country-Wedding-bouquet Wine-Country-Wedding-bouquet-detailWine-Country-Wedding-bridesmaids-blush Wine-Country-Wedding-groom Wine-Country-Wedding-blue-car Wine-Country-Wedding-ceremony-ddor Wine-Country-Wedding-ceremony-door-entrance Wine-Country-Wedding-ceremony Wine-Country-Wedding-ceremony-view Wine-Country-Wedding-ceremony-married Wine-Country-Wedding-bridesmaids-bmWine-Country-Wedding-blush-bridesmaids Wine-Country-Wedding-married Wine-Country-Wedding-kiss Wine-Country-Wedding-party Wine-Country-Wedding-pink-grey-party Wine-Country-Wedding-portrait Wine-Country-Wedding-guests-tractor-transport Wine-Country-Wedding-portraits Wine-Country-Wedding-knotsvilla Wine-Country-Wedding-receptionWine-Country-Wedding-drinks Wine-Country-Wedding-reception-table-decor Wine-Country-Wedding-recepton-place-setting Wine-Country-Wedding-reception-table

About the Couple

Brad and Anna both attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and ran in the same friend circles, crossing paths, but didn’t really start dating until their senior year and the rest is as they say, history!

Soon after graduation, Brad moved away to Newport Beach for a job while Anna stayed on the Central Coast to teach preschool. After an entire year of having a long distance relationship, Annie moved to be closer to Brad. They both absolutely love to travel, and over the course of their time dating they went all over the world – Thailand, Maui, Kauai, Paris, Rome, and New York!

After they had been dating for five years, Brad began planning another trip to New York. Anna thought nothing particularly special of it, besides just the normal excitement of going back to the Big Apple. Over New Year’s Weekend in 2014, Brad proposed to Anna on the first night of their trip, completely taking her by surprise! She remembers that she never could have been prepared for how truly amazing it felt to have him actually ask to spend the rest of their lives together, no matter how many times they had talked about or thought about marriage!

Wedding Planning Advice

“It sounds cliche but just have fun throughout the planning process together. It is easy to get caught up in all of the planning and choices and decisions that have to be made.

Be confident in your choices, remember that you are the only one that will notice a lot of it, and be true to yourself. Once the “big day” comes, let the worries go and enjoy those around you like your family, bridal party, friends and especially spouse-to-be!

It is a once in a lifetime day, and although everyone told us “It goes fast” even after the wedding we both wanted it to last longer! It was so special when we were up in front of all of our family and friends who were there to support us and our marriage. Brad whispered to me, “look around, take it all in” and that is a moment I will always remember because I did look around- I took mental snapshots of the gorgeous hilltop vineyard we were at, I remember the faces of those in attendance (“Even saying out loud “Everyone’s so pretty!” which got a laugh), and I remember the special moments of just Brad and me committing to spend our lives together. It was an incredible day!” – Anna

“We had so much fun with David and we highly recommend David Pascolla Photography to anyone! We loved having the classic car to take photos with, it was a nice touch, but don’t be fooled-walking through the vines is much messier than it looks on Pinterest 🙂 but the photos did turn out great!” – Anna


Photography: David Pascolla Photography | Venue: Opolo Vineyards | Wedding Coordinator: Heather Hanley | Officiant: Ricardo Cordova | DJ: John Walker | Videographer: Diane Worley | Caterer: Ribline | Florals: Laurel White Adornments | Car: Cars With Distinction

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