Whimsical Wedding Inspiration by Patchwork Photography

I keep saying that the idea of styled shoots is from above; they give wedding vendors so much room for creativity without limitations and it all results in swoon worthy posts like this. Today’s whimsical wedding inspiration feature is one beautiful work done right. The softness of the colors used, mixed with it’s variety in different shades, brings out perfectly the ways to stay unique for your events. The colors are soft, soothing and just out right pretty; we are talking shades of blue, green, pink, purple and more. Nothing is “matchy-matchy” today but everything is clearly lovable about this shoot.

This elegant styled shoot has been put together by What A Day Weddings in collaboration with Hair Stylist Ericka Cedarstorm, floral by Aj’s Fine Foods-Floral and yummy looking cakes by Sassy’s Cafe. Thanks to Patchwork Photography for these fine and whimsical images today.

Event Designer: What A Day Weddings | Hair Stylist: Ericka Cedarstorm | Floral: Aj’s Fine Foods-Floral | Cakes: Sassy’s Cafe | Photography: Patchwork Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights.
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