Wekiwa Springs Park Engagement by Rudy+Marta Photography

When: March 25, 2016 | Where: Apopka, Florida | Theme: Outdoors

While we are lovers of sessions with obvious themes and props, Stephanie and Andrew’s session captured our eyes because of the moody/warm photography style by Rudy+Marta Photography. For their Wekiwa Springs park engagement session, they were expecting everything to be lush and green, but the park had just finished a prescribed fire. So though that was not their expectation, the photos turned out so beautiful and romantic, KV totally had to share!

About the Wekiwa Springs Park Engagement Session

“For us, we didn’t have a special place that we shared. We started dating in high school and then went to separate colleges so we really didn’t know where to start. When we were thinking about what we wanted, we also knew we didn’t want to bring props or anything fancy. Just us and the surrounding elements.

We both grew up going to Wekiva Springs State Park and loved the environment and how many different settings there were. My favorite part of the shoot had to the controlled fires! We found some happening and jumped right in the middle and got some great shots! Rudy has an amazing eye and we are so grateful to have him and his wife join us on this journey!” – Stephanie

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About the Couple

“Andrew and I met in high school. The first time I laid eyes on him, I was trying to get away from someone at a party. I forced him to talk to me so it would seem like I was busy! We thought that would be the end of our “friendship” but when school started up (junior year) we ended up having a class together and realized we hung out with the same people. Over a year later, in April, Andrew had asked me out and the rest is history.

Fast forward eight years later, we moved in together and he proposes in the most unusual place… the bathroom! He figured since I spend so much time in there, that would be the perfect spot for the element of surprise.” – Stephanie

Engagement Session Advice

“Think about what you want your friends and family to feel when they see your photos. Photographers and different venues can say a lot about you as a couple and how you intend to start your life together. We were all about keeping things simple (no props, one outfit) and having the focus really be about us. Rudy and Marta, our photographers, did an amazing job capturing our personalities while enhancing the rawness of the elements surrounding us!

Also, find a someone who you feel comfortable with! Taking pictures can be awkward at times, especially if you aren’t photogenic like us! We are so lucky to have found someone who made us laugh and feel relaxed during the process.” – Stephanie


Photographer: Rudy+Marta Photography//Other Location: Wekiwa Springs State Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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