Wedding Loan: Would You take out a Loan for your Wedding?

Happy Monday KV family, today’ I’d like us to touch a bit on what has become a sensitive topic; Weddings & Loans. Until I planned my wedding back in 2012, I had never imagined the possibility of having these 2 words; Wedding and Loan, in one sentence. So while this may be a new idea for me, I would love to share my thoughts and also hear your thoughts about it too; would you take out a loan to have your wedding?

For the most part, I am anti-debt. I grew up in a place and time where if you wanted anything, you paid for it upfront. You wanted a house? You save up for it, build or buy. Mortgage? I never heard of that word until I moved to North America. Back home, we frowned against anything like loans, we had no credit cards – or at least my family didn’t have while I was growing up. But moving here, I have noticed how much of a credit system it is here. The system even seems to push this “credit idea” on people and in some cases, things are actually more difficult for a person with “no line of credit”. So shortly I started to embrace the credit society I found myself.


But a wedding Loan? I am not sure I would ever “embrace” it. As beautiful as a wedding can be (I’d know, I run a wedding blog and I get to see such beauty almost everyday), I am unsure if taking a loan for that is ever really necessary. With weddings built around the “once in a lifetime celebration” idea, people are quick to justify the splurge; after all life is to be lived and enjoyed. But to me, there is a line to drawn.

I may be all for spending your life savings to throw this party but I draw the line where you have to use someone else’s money to do so – either that of the bank, family or friend. Some say that it’s technically not the bank’s since they end up paying for it but that’s just one reasoning that can never make sense to me – until it is paid up, it is the bank’s money and you are a debtor!

I’d imagine quite a number of couples today are still paying off different debts such as tuition and mortgages (especially those who married early). Do people really want to start off their marriages with new debts like one for a wedding? While tuition and mortgages may still be debts, there is a higher chance of a return on investment and that’s what makes them a bit more understandable. But a wedding/marriage? Can a wedding really have any return on investment enough to justify taking a loan out for it? I think not.

But then again, I may be short sighted on this one. So dear readers, do tell; would you take a loan to have your wedding? I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially those who are not on my side on this one. Do give your reasons too, there may be advantages of Wedding Loans I am not seeing just yet.

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