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With almost every aspect of our lives taking the “online” route, it’s no surprise that weddings are also following in that direction. From hashtags for social media sharing, to online wedding streaming and now to online wedding invitations, it’s evident we are in the future and it is all about living online.

Founded by Prabhakar Bellamkonda and Vijay Thota in 2012, is a platform that allows its users not only to enjoy having a website for their event but also to send video invitations and greetings to family, friends and guests. While there are quite a lot of platforms that do online wedding invitations, distinguishes itself with the ability to use videos and not only photos. is all about going further than having your guests just read your invitation but giving them an exciting experience.

Wedding Video Invitations - Inviter

For weddings, can be used from the very beginning all the way to end of your event, that includes your save the date announcement, the shower announcement, actual wedding invitation all the way to thank you notes (announcements).

Wedding websites are not new in the wedding world, so goes a step further with its wedding invitation feature. With this, you don’t only have a wedding website or an online wedding invitation, you get both with more creative capabilities for the invitation aspect of the bundle!

Not only are we excited about this innovation to the wedding world which allows your wedding guests to not just read your announcement but truly experience, connect and engage with it, the other features of are also reasons to give it a try. Features such personalization, easy setup, online rsvp capabilities and guest engagement reports.

When it comes to something as special as a wedding, no bride (or groom) wants something basic, everyone today is craving that personal touch that allows their event to stand out from the rest. With, your wedding video invitation can easily be personalized and branded to fit you as an individual and as a couple.

Using can be done in 6 easy steps when setting up.

  • Fill in your event details
  • Schedule your event
  • Add your guest’s contacts (email addresses)
  • Upload your very creative and fun video message
  • Select or upload your guest page theme

Once that’s all done, the user is allowed to save as draft, review, edit and when all is good to go, send out to the guests!

The guest engagement reports ability of is yet another reason this platform stands out. Are you interested in knowing how your guests are reacting, responding and engaging with your invitation? allows you to get all that scoop from your end giving its users access to a complete analytics report to track invitation and greeting view rates, social sharing statistics, and comments.

Are you sold on the idea of having a wedding video invitation? Or are you just curious to see how it all works out? Here’s a wedding video invitation sample. Let your creativity burst out with the various options and features of, get started here and let us know what you think!

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