5 Wedding Traditions & Customs: African & Asian Weddings

African-asian-wedding-traditions-customsWe have been spoiled silly with gorgeous brides for our August culture-ful month!

As we round up our culture-ful month I figured we bring to you the wedding traditions and customs of the non “western” style of weddings we have covered; African and Asian. While we have focused on these weddings due to their different attires, today we wanted to go another route – the traditions. I understand sometimes even those planning a western wedding might prefer to add some customs/traditions here and there to their wedding but still keep the western feel (attire). These 5 traditions from 5 African and Asian countries might just be what some of you need to see to add that ethnic feel to your wedding.

Nigeria: Searching for the Groom

In an Igbo (a Nigerian tribe) traditional wedding, the wife is given a drink – palm wine – by the elders and asked to search for her husband among other men. Then when she finds her groom she offers the wine to him and the official Igbo traditional wedding proceedings will take place.

See Knotsvilla’s featured Nigerian (Itsekiri – tribe) wedding for the culture-ful month of August; Nigerian Wedding: Delta Bride + Rivers Groom by Bk Concept

South Africa: The 12 Symbols

12 symbols are traditionally expected to be present during a South African wedding, and represent what the couple should expect and be willing to endure during marriage. The 12 symbols being salt, pepper, wheat, wine, bitter herbs, a holy book, a broom, honey, a spoon, a spear, a shield and a pot.

See Knotsvilla’s featured South African (Ndebele – tribe) wedding for the culture-ful month of August; South African Wedding by As Sweet As Images

Korea: The Dates and Chestnuts

At a Korean pyebaek, the parents toss dates & Chestnuts underhanded for the bride to catch using the skirt of the hanbok (attire worn by a Korean bride). It is believed that the number of dates the bride catches is supposed to represent the number of children she will have. We see this here in Isaac and Melissa’s wedding by Avery house.

See Knotsvilla’s featured Korean wedding for the culture-ful month of August; Chicagoland Korean wedding by Avery House

China: The Red Color

White symbolizes the color of death, while red symbolized love, joy and prosperity. Due to this reason, the red color is used for the attire and the decorations at the wedding.

See Knotsvilla’s featured Chinese wedding for the culture-ful month of August; Chinese Wedding Ceremony in Scotland by Chantal Lachance Gibson Photography

India: The Horse Entrance

For the groom’s procession, he is accompanied by his family and friends in a festive procession known as the baraat where the groom arrives at the entrance of the wedding venue on a horse.

See Knotsvilla’s featured Indian wedding for the culture-ful month of August; New Jersey Indian Wedding by PhotosMadeEZ

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Happy new week lovers!

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