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Happy Thursday friends, today we begin wrapping up the week with another fun Toronto wedding vendor’s studio tour, one that been long over due – Envision Weddings & Events! With our studio tours, we’ve covered the Bridal Beauty and Wedding Stationery categories and today we get into the Wedding Planning & Design category. Thanks to Arambada Photography who has made all these tours possible with his images.

From all the studio tours we’ve covered, I can totally say they all have one thing in common – great conversation! The ladies at Envision Weddings were totally relaxed and comfortable as the spilled all the necessary deets about their lives as wedding planners in the Greater Toronto Area. It was a little too easy to fall in love with these two; Kimberly and Valary, so I’m thrilled to be sharing them and their business with you all.


About the Studio

Envision Weddings and Events is located on 2510 Yonge St., Unit 323, Toronto, Ontario – a Whitespace Common location. With a relaxing open space concept, brides can easily feel comfortable as they meet up to plan the wedding of their dreams.

The location of this studio is perfect. Located in a trendy, chic and urban part of the city and close to what is known as the “Yonge & Eligible” area of the city, this new studio spot is definitely right for Envision Weddings & Events business. They also have a Mississauga location for the clients on the west side of the city.


History of the Company

Envision Weddings & Events was founded by Kimberly Skubic in 2008 which all began in her one-bedroom apartment. Originally, Kimberly majored in Media studies with a separate certification (Public Relations) which had an event component to it. So she began with weddings and eventually got certified with the wedding planning institute because of the high demand in the industry.

Kimberly ran the company all by herself until 2012 when the growth of the business demanded more hands. She started an internship program, focusing of people who wanted experience in the wedding/event planning career path. Envision Weddings & Events started off with just 1 intern but as a result of further growth, currently have 7 interns for the year; 3 over the winter/spring term and 4 in the fall/summer.

Valary who joined Envision Weddings & Events as an intern in 2014, quickly got promoted to the senior team due to her commitment, dedication, and understanding of the importance of the role a planner plays in the success of a wedding. Valary is currently the Senior Event Specialist of the Day/Month of Coordination service package.

In the same year, 2012, Envision Weddings & Events expanded by adding the Floral & Decor service package to the list of the services they offered. This expansion also arose due to the demand; their clients simply wanted more with the hope of dealing with as few vendors as possible.


Cultural Diversity

One of the many things that makes Envision Weddings & Events stand out in such a crowded market is how diverse they and their clients are. Both Kimberly and Valary were able to communicate the attention they pay to the diversity of the clients they get and attract. Such details plays heavily when dealing with the non-western cultured clients who wish to have their weddings highlighted with their culture.

Work and Social Media

Envision Weddings & Events are Knotsvilla’s ideal kind of vendors – the social media active ones! They take social media very seriously as this is one of their major forms of marketing. Each part of the team plays a social media role – blogging, Instagram, Facebook, etc., all ensuring something new is up for their followers, clients and readers.

This keeps the team on their toes as they have to be very current with the happenings, changes and new ideas popping up in the wedding industry.


The Perfect Clients

As usual, I like to end these tours by asking who a vendor’s perfect client is; who makes the journey easy, fun and productive. Valary and Kimberly answered this question by explaining to me the importance of having clients who are the “right fit.” Being the right fit entails the right personality match, one who is trusting of their vendors, organized but still fun.

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Hope you enjoyed learning about Envision Weddings & Events Studio Tour. Look out for more studio tours with the fabulous vendors here in the Toronto Area. For those interested in having Knotsvilla tour their studio, please email us hello (at) knotsvilla (dot) com for more info.

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