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When I think of weddings, I think of one word….elegant. There’s the moment you first see the bride coming down the aisle, the glimpse you get into where the reception will be and then after the wedding, the pictures that captured that very special day…

Most of us appreciate the time it takes to plan a wedding and the effort and thought that goes into it, but think about the moments in your life that really, really strike a nerve. I am guessing it’s not a centerpiece or a chair with a bow on it, although the beauty is admired. The moments engraved in our soul are times when loved ones have said things to us that simply make us smile or laugh.


The best man and maid of honor speeches represent a moment in the wedding where the bride and groom’s closest friends talk friendship, bonding and memories. Next to the bride, somebody’s spoken words about YOU are the most beautiful thing you can ask for.  The best man and maid of honor speech act as a snapshot into the character of the happy couple. At Laughstaff we think this moment should be well-thought out with the right balance of elegance and humor.

Let’s be honest, most best men practice their speech in the limo driving from the church to the reception and unfortunately it shows when it’s time to speak. After decades of friendship you can’t practice a three-minute speech?

We created Laughstaff so that best men and matrons of honor feel prepared going into the heavyweight fight that is a wedding reception (with hopefully less blood and sweat). We gather as much information about the bride and groom as possible and craft a speech that is elegant, humorous and appropriate. We’ll help transform your stories and ideas into a speech that the bride and groom will always remember. Not the biggest fan of public speaking? That’s ok, our team at Laughstaff will give you the tools you need to speak thoughtfully and confidently.

Wedding Speech Tip! Practice your speech into a tape recorder or phone three days before your speech, hearing your voice out loud gives you good progress from taking your idea from a piece of paper to your mouth. Hearing your own voice helps dissolve the fear of worrying about how you will sound once the microphone is in your hand.

A great wedding toast has the right combination of heartfelt and hilarious moments. You can be classy and funny at the same time.  Go ahead and pick on the bride’s crazy uncle who you know later on in the night will be dancing about as well as Elaine on Seinfeld….then tell the crowd how that same crazy uncle taught the bride how to throw fast-pitch for softball and spent hours at the batting cages with her.

Or you can acknowledge how the groom never likes to dress up for things so the fact that he is in a tuxedo AND bathed shows how much he is in love with the bride.

We don’t want to speak for you, we want to help you speak for yourself.

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About Laughstaff: Laughstaff is a speech writing company out of Cleveland, Ohio that utilized stand-up comedians as consultants to best men and matrons of honor everywhere. They have written over 100 speeches for clients all over the world. Visit them at or follow them on twitter at @Laughstaff

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