Wedding Registry: 3 Things To Consider When Planning

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Wedding planning is as much fun as it is much work. From enjoying all the love that surrounds you as a newly engaged couple to almost being a bridezilla because decisions are sometimes hard to make; from the colors to choose from, to the gifts to register for. It’s interesting (and sometimes unbelievable) that something like a gift registry could be a source of stress to a bride and her groom but the reality of it all is that, where ever there are multiple options to choose from, the process has a higher probability of being time and/or energy consuming.

Many things are to be considered when planning to set up your gift registry, considerations such as where to register, what kinds of items to add to your registry, when to set it up and how accessible and user friendly it is for your guests. There are a list of things couples typically worry about when thinking of the gift registry, however below appear to be the most common.



The list of stores a couple can register with are quite lengthy and so are the pros and cons of this fact. In a lot of cases, the gifts a couple is interested in are not all found in 1 store, so couples end up having to navigate through a number of them and in some cases, end up having more than one registry.

Let’s not forget that setting up a registry in itself takes time, so having to set such up in multiple stores may not always work for some couples, especially the busy ones. So an option to help minimize the time spent, is to have one store registry with all your items! There’s a site for that –; where such couples are not limited to only one store but also not burdened with logins for various stores!


Is there really a set kind of items to register for? For a while the standard has gravitated towards household items because it was assumed (and rightfully so) that as newlyweds, 2 people are coming together to build a home together. But these days, that’s no longer always the case. Some couples have already started living together before the wedding while others, though living separately, may already have those household items and not in need of new ones.

So the question of “what gifts can I register for?”, has become more relevant than it was back then. Today, we see many couples opting for monetary gifts or gifts in form of trips being funded. That’s not to say that the traditional couple is no longer interested in household items but to bring to light that in addition to those “standard” gifts, other options exists and couples need not feel limited when making that choice of what to register for.


Most people would say register “early”, but that in itself is so relative. However, because some people would want to send you gifts from the moment you announce your engagement, timing should be considered. But to be realistic, if people are like me, we’d rather wait till a few months before the date.

There really is no set time to do this as an early timing or a late one both have pros and cons. One major issue with setting up your registry very early is the possibility of having your items sold out even before your guests have had a chance to look at the registry. Couples should definitely keep “seasonal gifts” as few as possible on the registry or add them much later in the wedding planning stage.

When setting up a gift registry, couples should also remember to take it easy with time and feel free to add items as the time gets closer to the big day. No reason being under any false pressure to have to have it full before the wedding invitations are sent out, you can always add items as you go.


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