A Wedding Reception with No Dinner

Today I’d like to address something that has been on my mind (more like in my drafts) for a while now; Having a wedding reception with no Dinner. The famous worry about this is “Is it tacky or not?” I came across a budget bride who asked this question and was worried if she could pull of a wedding reception with no Dinner but just appetizers.

My answer: Yes, you Can!

Wedding-Reception-No-DinnerCake by Amy Croome, Amy Jo’s Sweets, Plymouth, NC | Original Photo by Elizabeth Cayton from DIY Backyard Wedding.

Here is my reasoning on how to pull off a Dinner-less wedding reception.

1. Research properly: If the reason for not having dinner and just opting for appetizers is due to budget, make sure you have done some proper research before making that decision. Sometimes having appetizers may cost the same (or even more) as a low key full meal.

2. Let the guest know, so they come prepared: This I believe is the most important of them all. Information, Information, information! Today, guests automatically come to weddings expecting to be fed so if you are considering tweaking food to the extent of not having dinner at all, this should be key information to pass on to the guests before hand. That way everyone can eat appropriately before showing up at your event.

3. Keep timing in mind: If you would not be serving a full meal, avoid a lengthy reception so the guests don’t get hangry; hungry, and then angry. You can always opt for an earlier wedding – time between lunch and dinner – or a late reception, one after dinner.

4. Feed the Wedding Party: By wedding party, I mean everyone that would be on their feet working that day. Try to feed them before the wedding begins if possible. No, this is not preferential treatment (so don’t feel bad), it is just plain sense: If they are working they should not be doing so on an empty stomach.

Any other points to add? I’d be happy to hear!

Have a fabulous new week loves!

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  1. Labake Best

    Please be considerate of the length of time of your event. Don’t expect guests to be there 6+ hours when you have just appetizers served at the beginning of the event.


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