Wedding Planning With Instagram | Yes There’s A Right Way!

To some, wedding planning just got more complicated with the rise of social media but to others who have mastered it, it’s a “where has Instagram being my whole life” kind of reaction. Yes, there’s really a right way to do wedding planning with Instagram and social media in general.

Once you figure out a plan/strategy for your Instagram use during this very crucial/already-stressful/busy time of your life (wedding planning), you are much closer to the end of it with your sanity still intact. There is the right way to use Instagram and sadly enough, there are people that have being using it all wrong.

Here are my 6 ways to be sleek with your Instagram – How to Plan Your Wedding With/On/Through Instagram.


Wedding Planning With Instagram

Wedding Planning With Instagram | Yes There’s A Right Way!

1. Find and Follow Wedding Blogs: As with the ideal process of wedding planning, it all starts with the vision, inspiration and direction you are seeking for the kind of wedding. In this stage, you can start by searching for blogs that carry a variety of wedding styles. The reason I say start with blogs, is that most often than not, a blog will showcase different styles of weddings and couples, as opposed to a vendor who could probably showcase only their work which could then be limited. At this stage, you are most likely scouring for inspiration from décor to attire, to photography and more, as opposed to making any final decisions.

2. Save your Ideas: Once you have an idea of your vision/style and a decent number of wedding blogs on your following list (a number that isn’t overwhelming but broad enough to give a wide variety of styles), then spend some time on their pages looking for the images that depict the style you are going for.

Then save them! Using Instagram’s save button, you can build collections of your wedding style away from the clutter of all other posts. Under save, you can have different options depending on how you want to keep things organized, e.g., bouquets, décor, attire, etc.

3. Share with your Tribe: Another great thing about Instagram is the share button! Ugh, this saves my life people! Back in the day, we would tag in the comments the people you want to share with but the struggle of finding your comments in the midst of other comments was just too real, especially on very popular pages with loads of comments. Therefore, the share button came to save the day!

On Instagram, we now have the option to share within Instagram and outside Instagram (whatsapp, Facebook messenger, or others through copying the links). My fave option is within Instagram, which not only simplifies things but also keeps things in one place. Everyone knows planning a wedding; a bride has her tribe somewhere – either a WhatsApp group, which is the most popular or now, an Instagram group.

4. Vendor Search: Now we move to the meat of the process, finding your vendors! Until I planned my 30th party, I never used Instagram to search and book vendors, I mean I got married in 2012 so things have clearly changed. But the process was much easier than I thought, thanks to my recent bride-friends who showed me this was even a thing. Who knew what a simple hashtag could do?

While I usually champion vendor booking by recommendations/referral as that is what has worked best for me in the past, if that is not as easy for a bride/groom, Instagram can readily swoop in to help – especially if you are already familiar with the platform.

#GTAMakeupArtist, #TorontoMakeupArtist, #ScarboroughMakeupArtist, #AjaxMakeupArtist, are a few of the hashtags I used when I was searching for an MUA for my event. The trick with using hashtags is to include the location there to pull up the right people (#locationService). Depending on how small or big your city is, you might want to start with a broader or narrower location in your hashtag.

And Instagram went an made this even better – we can now follow hashtags!!!! So you don’t have to follow these random vendors and clutter your newsfeed, following just the hashtags could lead to finding local vendors to help with your event.

Once you find the few vendors you would like, then proceed to communicate. The good thing about Instagram is that things tend to happen instantly in most cases. A simple DM asking for their availability could be all you need to see if a vendor is worth following up on. Then follow up on via EMAIL! Do not make agreements or any sort of commitments on Instagram. While it is an easier way to get to this point, the actual booking process should be done on something more long lasting like email where documents need to be signed.

5. Follow the Vendors: At this point, give yourself some time to actually follow the vendors you are considering or in the process of booking. Watch their feed for some time, get familiar with their work and then keep an eye out for goodies that could come – Giveaways!!!

Giveaways on social media happen quite often and as a bride, regardless of your budget, a discount would always be a bonus. In most cases, the giveaways are available before you sign a contract, which is why I say watch out for some time before you book them.

6. Unfollow: Now this is the final stage of using Instagram for wedding planning, and I believe it is also the most crucial when it comes the issue of being overwhelmed with Instagram. Usually people are overwhelmed with the millions of ideas shared on Instagram and suffer from the #TooManyOptions problem. Have you purchased your wedding dress? If yes, then unfollow the dress designers – buyers remorse is a real thing and it’s definitely seen in the wedding industry especially due to the fact things can be expensive. So avoid all that, unfollow all the clutter and stand firm with the choices you have made.

Once you have crossed your t’s and dotted your I’s with the inspiration, style and vendors, I always advise people to unfollow. Unfollow the blogs (I know as a blog this is weird to say, but it is the my truth), unfollow the un-booked vendors, unfollow the hashtags and enjoy the calm of no-clutter.

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