Wedding Planning Tips: The Nordstrom Wedding Suite + HauteLook Hangout

My first Wedding Hangout on Google + was pretty amaze! I was in my office in Chicago, chilling with wedding gurus all over the country – how cool is that? Present for the Hangout were;

Andrea Wasserman | National Bridal Director, Nordstrom,
Colin Cowie | Celebrity Event Planner and Designer,
Jennie Ma | Fashion and Beauty Editor,,
Abby Larson | Founder & Editor, Style Me Pretty,
Kim Forrest | Fashion Editor,

– all of which had awesome tips to add to Bride’s and Vendors who were throwing their wedding questions. Here are a few of the tips and quotes I was able to catch before it all ended.

  • For desserts; Candy bars are pretty big these days. If you can, set up Candy stations, they are a fun incorporation to your Wedding.
  • First time getting married with kids and worried if you can wear white? Go ahead! Don’t box yourself!
  • As opposed to Buffet settings, you can have different Food stations to prevent the long lines.
  • Average cost of a Wedding? #34,000-East coast & 29,000-west coast. Lol..sure, Love does cost a thing!
  • Invitations: Thick Papers are out there now and pretty fancy but always remember to factor in your shipping costs; the heavier they are, the higher they cost.
  • Enjoy using Secret boards on your Pinterest for your Wedding Planning if you don’t want your guests seeing those details before the day. Single ladies too..enjoy this for your not yet scheduled weddings. LOL!
  • DIY: “Made by hand, made by Love” – a Quote from the hangout. Not sure who said it but I love it! I think it was Colin Cowie but not sure.
  • DIY Bride moment gone or going away soon?? Nope!! I doubt it’s ever going to go away. It leaves room for more personality.
  • Brides on a Budget: Splurge worthy item? Photography. Because that is one of the few things that last.
  • Bridesmaids Shoes: It is OKAY to have your BM’s in different shoes.
  • Bridesmaids Dresses Trends: Texture is new, Print is new (polka dots), Lace, Color mixing, Silhouette mixing.
  • For Grooms, stay away from “Boxy” Suites. If you get one, try to have them tailored better. Better tailored ones make you feel and look more confident.
  • For Brides: When walking down the aisle make sure you hold your bouquet as low as possible and drop your shoulders; you look better and more confident that way.
  • Diet and Beauty Tips: Lots of Water keeps you from being dehydrated and helps your skin.
  • Gifts for your Wedding Party; Taking care of something for them that they need for the wedding but could always use after the event.
  • Popular Wedding Colors other than white for Wedding Dresses; Black, Pink, Blue, Metallics.
  • Wedding Colors for summer 2014 estimation; Emerald, Blush/Nude/Champagne.
  • The dream, The budget, The Guest list; The First Steps in Wedding Planning.
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