Wedding Hair: Interview With a Hair Stylist

Deciding what kind of hair style to wear on your wedding day is a big deal. Your wedding pictures are going to be what you look back on and you want to look your best. I decided to ask my hair stylist some questions to help me decide how I’ll wear my hair on the big day. Perhaps it will help you too!

I interviewed Tori O’Connell, a San Francisco hair stylist who has been a longtime friend of mine and stylist. I know when I see her for an appointment, I am going to leave feeling beautiful because she understands my type of hair, and knows what works and what doesn’t. Women are loyal to their hair stylists because once you find one that works, you keep her around!

weddinghair test run♥I had Tori do a test run on my hair for my bridal shower. We curled my hair and combed it out so it was soft and wavy. (Tori on the left. Robin on the right)♥

What are your favorite products to use when creating an updo for a wedding or event?

A: It depends on the hair, but definitely hair spray! Everything has to stop in its place. Another important product is shine spray. In most cases that’s all you really need. Unless the client has very fine hair, I would use a thickening lotion and a root booster to give her hair more volume.

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-in Product is one thing I would never live without! It’s like the equivalent to moisturizing your face or body. Without it your skin is thirsty! Same with your hair. My favorite shine spray would be MOROCCANOIL Gold Glimmer Shine or BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil it leaves your hair so soft and silky, plus it’s lightweight. I recommend It’s A 10 Miracle Finishing Spray because it doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky like many hair sprays do. It leaves your hair soft and touchable, but does the job.

What should a bride look for in a hair stylist?

A: A bride should look for someone who has their sense of style when it comes to their wedding hair. Someone who understands what they want and how to make it happen. A stylist that is patient and a down right perfectionist. You wouldn’t want anything but perfect for your wedding day! Make sure your hair stylist is talented rather than looking for a cheaper alternative. You only get married once! (Hopefully)!

What tips would you give a bride to make their bridal hair style last the entire wedding?

A: If the hair stylist is doing all the bridesmaids’ hairstyles too, she needs to do the bride’s hair last. The stylist needs to make sure every bobby pin is secured and that hair spray should be used liberally.  If a bride wears her hair down, it will fall a little bit throughout the night with all the hugging and dancing, so so keep hair spray on hand!

How much time should a bride allocate for her hair and makeup the day of her wedding?

A: A bride should plan for at least one hour for her hair and one hour for her makeup. Just to be safe!

What tips would you give brides who are debating between an updo or wearing their hair down for their big day?

A: Whatever they feel more comfortable in at the end of the day is what really matters. How they want to look when they take pictures and what their style is also very important. Another thing to consider is their bone structure. if they have a very proportional face shape and bone structure, it usually looks best pulled back.

Where do you find inspiration for wedding hairstyles?

A: Pinterest! Pinterest has everything, including everything about hair. I would advise any bride to look up wedding hair styles updos and down-dos on Pinterest. There is such a wide variety of styles and you will absolutely find your dream wedding hair on there.

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