Wedding Hair Accessories: 5 Options to Get your Hair Ready

Happy Fashion Friday darling KV readers! Today’s fashion post is all about the Wedding Hair Accessories, all the gorgeous items that puts the perfect finishing touch on your bridal hair. While we have focused more on amazing hairstyles (long hairstyles and up-do hairstyles) in the past, today we are pulling focus to just the accessories and how to make a statement with yours.

Our top 5 Wedding Hair Accessories are the Hair Pins, Hair Combs, Flower Crowns, Headbands and Tiaras.

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1. Hair Pins

For a classic wedding hair look, hair pins are the easy way to go. They are very effective as they hold your hair in place but also elegantly making a statement by just leaving the designs at the top visible.


Pearl Hair pins by Adriana Sparks

2. Hair Combs

These have the same effect as hair pins but look like actual combs. They vary in length and the designs are placed at the top visible part of the hair comb.


Grecian Gold tone brass leaf hair comb by Peacock and Lotus 


Golden Pearl Leaves Bridal Comb by Labelle Chanson

3. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are very well known for the Bohemian look. Whether they are artificial flowers or real ones, having a band of flowers that just sit on the head is an easy way to make a bridal statement with your hair.


Boho Woodland Flower Crown by Which Goose

4. Headbands

Headbands usually come in an inverted U shape with designs all around or just a the top base of the band. However some are actually fully rounded with bands connecting the inverted U shape portion. The top portion designs are usually made with crystals, diamonds, feathers, lace, beads.


Lace Boho Headband by EPUU


Gold Floral Headband by Eden Luxe Bridal

5. Tiaras

Tiaras give the royal effect. They are just like headbands in shape but have a higher top than headbands. The higher top usually gives a “crown” look that queens and princesses often wear.


Bridal Crystal Tiara by Eden Luxe Bridal

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