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Do the wedding dresses appeal to you even more when they are on you favorite celebrities playing the “Real Bride” role? See these celebrities in their gorgeous gowns showing off different body types and different dress styles. For those married ones, would you jump at the opportunity to play a bride again for a show/movie? These photos almost make you feel like playing such roles in a movie!

Movie: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1
Character: Bella Swan.
Actress: Kristen Stewart
Dress made by: Carolina Herrara.
A custom it gown made of crepe satin and French Chantilly lace, 152 buttons line the back of Bella’s dress, with 17 additional buttons on each sleeve.

“The estimated value of Bella’s wedding dress is $35,000, a similar amount to Pippa’s gown, rumored to have cost around £20,000.” –DailyMotion UK

A front view

The striking detailed back of the dress


 A comparison between Bella’s dress and Pippa’s maid of Honor Gown for the Royal wedding. 

Show: Desperate Housewives
Character: Renee
Actress: Vanessa Williams
Dress by: Kevan Hall Spring 2012 bridal gown from the designer’s White Label collection

A photo with a model in the real dress. Photo from:

Photo from

Photo from:

Movie: Bride Wars
Character: Live & Emma
Actress: Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway
Dresses made by: Vera Wang

Photo from:
Photo from:
Photo from:
Photo from:
Photo from:

Show: Gossip Girl
Character: Blair Waldorf
Actress: Leighton Meester
Dress made by: Vera Wang
“The gown is a piece from the designer’s fall 2010 collection, which Wang describes as a soft A-line gown with multi-layered Chantilly lace applique and a horsehair sash at the natural waist, and it was originally shown with an elbow-length overlay.”- Instyle

Blair, Lonely boy and Vera! Photo from BuzzSugar

Close up front view. Photo from

Close up back view. Photo from:
Comparison with the model display

Show: Sex and the City
Character: Carrie
Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker
Dress made by: Vivienne Westwood

Photo from:

Photo from:

Photo from:
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