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Happy Monday and happy swooning! I’m back from my Vacation and honestly it is hard getting back on the grind but a post like this can definitely help I hope it helps you too! From Israel comes something amazing today on our Blog. Yay for more Wedding Dresses! It’s all about Berta today for the bold bride! 
About Berta:

Berta is a leading fashion designer in Israel, where she has been a bridal designer for 16 years now. Berta is a graduate of The Shenkar College of Design & Art, and ever since her graduation, she lived and breathed fashion. Berta’s leading line of work is based on high quality, uniqueness and premium level finishes. The luxurious fabrics, which are imported from fashion capitals such as Paris and Milan, are going through a handmade development process in Berta’s studio. That way, new and unique texture of fabrics is constantly being made for each dress.

The use of premium fabrics such as silk, satin and handmade solstiss, creates a marvels design and a dress that will suit you like no other. A close look on Berta’s design will reveal all the small details that create a perfect dress – rich texture of fabrics, high end sewing and little additions such as beading embellishments or lace elements.

Berta is mainly known for her bold and sexy designs – her collection includes a lot of designs with open back, deep V-neck, and very tight and flattering silhouettes. At the same time, due to the variety of Berta’s collection, there are also designs that are more modest, classy and that have a touch of vintage in them.

Berta is a rising star in the international bridal fashion world. She has attracted the interest of thousands of brides from all around the world, and therefore nowadays her designs can be found in high end bridal boutiques in many different countries.

Here are some of our faves among the many photos we received!

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