Wedding Dresses 101: Types of Wedding Dress Silhouette

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One of my fashion designer friends initiated this post. And honestly this is something I believe every blogger should have attended to; the 101s in Weddings, especially that of wedding dresses. I have no solid reason for skipping these but here I am today; better late than never right?

With newly engaged ladies one common “shocker” is finding that dress you always imagined yourself in, is NOT your dress. The different styles, colors, accessories to bring about a full wedding attire are so much that one has to pay very close attention to find the right dress; the right look. Today is all about silhouettes.

A-line Wedding Dresses: An A-line dress is fitted at the top and gradually flows out toward the hem, resembling the letter A. This is usually great for most body types. With the modified A-Line, the skirt fits closer to the body than that of the traditional A-line.

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Ball Gown Wedding Dresses: This is the classic silhouette; the Cinderella style of dress. It usually works great with most body types, but looks great on pears as it hides the lower body. Brides with smaller or shorter figures may not look great in this as it may appear a bit overwhelming on such body frames.

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Trumpet or Mermaid Wedding Dresses: This style is fitted from chest to mid thigh (Trumpet) or Knee (Mermaid) areas and usually flares out to the bottom. This is ideal for brides with the curvy/hourglass body frames.
Allure 2013 Fall Collection
Sheath Wedding Dresses: Narrow shape that flows straight down from the neckline to the hem. Great for brides with lean frames or hourglass frames.
Tea-Length and Mini: The Tea length stops below the knee but above the ankle, while the mini is usually above the knee. The tea-length is ideal for all body types while the mini man not be great for plus size brides. This is more of the nontraditional style and ideal for outdoor or casual weddings.

Now we have the types all settled, what Silhouette are you?
I have always been a Mermaid/Trumpet type of girl but I ended up with an A-line for my wedding ceremony.

Happy end of October!!

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