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Here is a very quick recap of the #WeddingChatter tweet chat we held 2 fridays ago. I mean it, it’s a quick one! If possible, write them down in your wedding book right away so you don’t forget; these are tips that would help you have a pleasant wedding dress shopping (and wearing) experience.

1. Except you want a dress off the rack or a sample dress, begin scouting for your wedding dress as soon as you are sure there is going to be a wedding. Wedding Dresses take time to find and also to be delivered.

2. Thinking of saving money? You can consider off the rack dresses or sample dresses. However, inspect them thoroughly before you make any payment commitments.

3. Remember alterations add up for the cost of the dress, keep this mind when shopping.

4. Go with an open mind; the dress you end up with might be totally different from what you imagined when you were dreaming as a little girl.


5. Take your most supportive group but try to keep the number small. People usually have different styles and tastes and all that may make the dress decision process more difficult.

6. When going, take along with you items like water, your camera, shoes of preference and the right underwear.

7. Go with your resolve. Don’t let any clerk talk you into buying something that is not your style and most importantly not in your budget.

8. It’s okay if you don’t cry; when you know, you know.

9. If you really want a reception dress and have the money for it, look for something that is wearable after the wedding.

10. Protect that dress. If it’s too gorgeous and tempting to try it on too many times at home, store it a location that is not easily accessible like mother’s house, maid of honors house, or any other safe place.


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Been there, done that? What other tips can you add to help Knotsvilla brides? Add them in the comments below!

Photo Credits: Dress from the 2015 Sareh Nouri Collection.

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