Wedding Dress Paintings by Diane Bronstein

Dealing with Wedding Dresses after the wedding is usually a tough one for most brides. We try our best to keep it or at least keep the memories as long as we can. Some opt for photos of “trash” or “love” the dress while others just keep it in that box and shove it in the upper compartment of the closet. Some, like me wanted to give it out to help someone out there rather than letting it gather dust and today I miss my dresses (yes, this is my confession). I did not seem to find the balance of keeping the memory and also helping a future bride out there but today I present to you Diane Bronstein who is here to the rescue brides that may be facing such dilemma.

This beautiful Friday afternoon I want to share perfection by Diane Bronstein. Her paintings are nothing short of the word awesome! I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled on her pieces but I am very glad I did, even glad-er that she gets to share them with all you EWAM readers.

About the Artist: Diane has been an artist all her life; painting, drawing and photographing. When her daughter got married last year she asked her to create a drawing of her dress which she would hang in her sitting room and turn the drawing into Thank You cards for her wedding. When friends and family saw this as a Thank You card, of course they started asking her to create watercolor drawings of their wedding gowns, their mom’s wedding gowns, and even their daughters wedding gowns.

Over the past year this business has expanded to include on site wedding paintings, event location paintings and save the date cards. The save the date cards tend to be a drawing of where the couple met, or their favorite spot, or where the wedding will take place.

In the next few weeks Diane will be flying to Florida to create watercolor paintings of the wedding while it is in progress, how cool is that!?

Din’t Friday just get better? Thanks to Diane and her spectacular pieces of art! 
Have a blessed day and weekend readers!
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