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While not everything that works for Bride A may work for Bride B, there is still gain is sharing what works for each Bride. With this post, Bride Robin opens up and shares 10 tips she has learned in her real wedding planning journey. Hope they help you and of course chime in with your own tips as a current bride in the comment section.

Wedding Planning Tips

Bride Robin>>>

Over the last two months of wedding planning, I’ve learned some great tips to save money and stay sane while organizing one of the biggest parties of your life.

1. Start saving now. The second you and your fiancé get engaged (or even better, BEFORE that) start saving your money and cut the spending.

2. Excel has been my best friend through the planning process, but maybe an organized binder is your best friend. Whatever helps you stay organized, stick to it and master it for smoother planning.

3. Ask for services gift cards for any upcoming special events where you may be receiving presents, such as your birthday or Christmas. I lucked out this past Christmas when I asked for gift cards to get mani/pedis, massages, and facials. When it’s time to prep for the wedding and chill out before the big day, it’s already covered.

4. Research wedding contests and enter the ones you are eligible for. You might luck out and win your wedding photography, DJ, or dress!

5. Look to your friends who do services for a living. One of my close friends is a cosmologist and will be doing my hair and makeup as my wedding present. This is a great way to save some a little cash.

6. Most vendors I have come across do not accept credit cards, or they do with a fee, so you need to have the cash ready when paying for these services (such as a photographer, DJ, and catering). My advice is to use a cash rewards credit card for all other expenses, like your wedding dress and shoes, bridesmaid gifts, honeymoon flights, etc. That way, when it comes time to pay the vendors who only accept cash or check, you will have extra dough in your pocket thanks to the purchases you made while using your cash rewards credit card.

7. Your wedding is a day you want the most important people in your life to be there. Sure, cutting the guest-list will save you money, but you can cut costs other ways than just the list.

8. Look into renting your own linens for your wedding. Do the math and determine what the cost of renting vs. owning will run you. For us, it is cheaper to purchase the linens and hey – maybe we’ll be able to use them again. If not, there’s plenty of sites where you can try to sell your linens for portion of what you originally spent.

9. Read any vendor contracts thoroughly! The pages of legal mumbo jumbo might make you want to skim through and sign on the dotted line, but before you do, read it. Then read it one more time just to be sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

10. Make a list of what you must have at your wedding versus what you want. When you see it all listed in front of you, those letterpress invitations you thought you needed to have, really aren’t a necessity when what you really want is a gelato cart. Know what I mean?

What are some other tips you’ve learned during the wedding-planning process?

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