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The hardest part about planning a wedding is finding the right venue, for the right price, with the right date and then agreeing upon it with your fiancé.  Luckily Eric is pretty easy going, his only big thing about the venue was being able to purchase the alcohol ourselves. I, on the other hand, had a list of big things that I cared about.

1. I wanted the space to be beautiful so less decorating would be necessary. I did not want it to be carpeted and look like a hotel conference room.
2. I wanted to get married outside, but have a reception venue with a good indoor back-up option.
3. I wanted to get married in October of this year.
4. I wanted the venue to be a decent price, ideally with tables included.

Ok, so maybe my list wasn’t so long, but it is really tricky to find a venue with all the qualities you want for a good price, even here in Ohio. The place we landed on is the Amelita Mirolo Barn.

Amelita Mirolo Barn 1

1. It is a beautiful space and perfect for the rustic decorations I had in mind.
2. We can have the ceremony outside, but it if rains we can have the ceremony in the old barn.
3. We got the date of Friday Oct 24, 2014. Which worked out because we were also revolving around the OSU football schedule so a Friday seemed best in the end.
4. This venue is also a little cheaper on a Friday before 5pm. So that helped out with the cost. Tables and chairs were also included in the cost so that was a plus!

Backing up to before we booked our venue, I already bought the dress. I ordered my dress from in one size and tried on that dress only and it was the one. You can say that I am the kind of girl that generally knows what I want.

The dress was fate. I had my eye on it ever since I first learned about BHLDN, before I was ever engaged. I really wanted to buy it used, but I could only find it used in a size 2 and I am usually a size 4. It had just gone on sale on and was sold out in a size 4. I checked back a few days later and someone must have made a return because there was the size 4 back in stock, which I immediately purchased.


I feel so blessed for how things are coming together. We found the perfect venue and I found my dream dress. I find it really hard not to show the dress to Eric. When you are marrying your best friend you want to share everything with him.

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