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Happy Monday friends, it is with great excitement I introduce the first 2014 KnotsVilla bride for the Wedding Diaries! Last year was a fun one with over 4 brides filling us in with wedding planning tales and believe me, the tales are never the same. Today Bride Robin has hopped on the Wedding Diaries series (Thanks to Blogger Melissa Dell who connected us on Twitter!), so expect to be reading more of her here on KnotsVilla. Her introduction post begins with what is very appropriate; the proposal story.

Bride Robin >>>

Matt and I had been together for 15 months when he popped the question on Christmas morning in our pajamas.

After breakfast with his parents and sister, we took our opened presents to our room. When I walked in the bedroom, I saw a little red box on my pillow. Matt turned to me and said, “Looks like you have one more present to open.” My heart started racing and I was smiling from ear to ear! I knew exactly what was coming next. I opened the box and my mouth dropped. Inside was the engagement ring I had fallen in love with!


In between the squeals, Matt took my hand, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I squealed a little more and said “Yes!” He put the ring on my finger and I repeated, “OH MY GOD,” for the next two minutes, followed by more squeals. My best friend and I were getting married! This was the best Christmas ever.

I had no idea Matt was going to propose Christmas morning. I did know it was going to happen eventually, but thought maybe around Valentine’s Day. We had discussed marriage and we were on the same page about it.

Being a social media gal, several months earlier I made a Pinterest board for Matt of engagement rings I adored. Of course once the board had over 25 pins, I nudged him toward my top choice (I think we can all agree it’s quite easy to get a little carried away on Pinterest). My favorite ring was a gorgeous rose gold sparkler from a shop on Etsy.


I highly recommend others create a ring board if their significant other needs a little (or a lot) of direction when selecting a ring, as it is such an important purchase. What else do you own that you are planning to wear each day for the rest of your life? Probably nothing. Your engagement ring should be something you absolutely love and want to wear every day.

I have a fiancé I call my best friend and my favorite ring ever on my finger. This was the perfect engagement for me and I am so excited for the several months ahead of wedding planning. I can’t wait until I’m Mrs. Johnson!

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