Wedding Diaries: The Excitement of Mail Checking


When I was a kid, I used to love to check the mail. It was a rare occurrence that I would get anything, but every once in a while there was that magazine or pen-pal letter addressed to me. It was like getting a present for no reason in particular. What’s a pen-pal letter? Well kids, back in the days before the internet…

I digress.

Then I became an adult. Instead of getting fun stuff in the mail, I started getting bills. Yuk! Who wants bills? So checking the mail became a depressing chore rather than a fun excursion to that box of mystery. Sometimes, I won’t check the mail for days on end. I try to do it at least once a week so as not to upset my mail carrier. Junk mail takes up a lot of room in my overly-tiny apartment style mailbox, and he will cram stuff in there if it gets too full. 

The past few days though have been different. If I’m home when the mailman comes, I get SUPER excited when I hear all of his keys jingling. It’s like I’m a kid again. Why this sudden change of heart? RSVPs are starting to come in from our wedding guests! Sometimes the answer is “no” which is fine, though still disappointing. Our budget thanks all of the people who say “no.” Mostly the answer is “yes” which is AWESOME! I mean, just about every bride I know has had the completely unjustified fear that nobody will come to their wedding. The “yes” responses are like small self-confidence boosts delivered by a pre-paid postcard.

I will be sad when the responses start to dwindle down. No more adventures to the mystery box. No more child-like enthusiasm for the mail. I am not looking forward to the constant reminder of responsibility that comes with adulthood. But for now, I have an entire month of mail checking to look forward to, and I intend to enjoy every last day of it.


<<< Notice how I did not introduce Bride Jenn? Because officially our awesome Brides of this Wedding Diaries season are no longer guests, this blog is officially their home 🙂

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