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Happy Monday friends! This week on KnotsVilla would be beginning with Bride Davia’s engagement photo session, it is always a pleasure having these series because somehow you and I get this feeling that we are all planning Davia’s wedding with her – what a great feeling! Hope you are as happy as I am to see forward movement with Davia’s wedding planning, enjoy her lovely Engagement photos!

Bride Davia>>>

I met our wedding photographer, Megan Leigh, a couple years ago on a weekend canoe & camping trip we had with a group of mutual friends in Ohio. When I looked at her photography website {} I knew she was the one.  We picked the perfect Saturday in Columbus. It was the best weather we had had all winter. The weather was in the 50’s so I didn’t have to hide under a giant coat, like I had been doing all winter and the sun even came out for a bit.

Megan was amazing to work with. It was really just like hanging out. Eric and I both had the nervous giggles at first. It feels weird at first to be the center of attention for a photo shoot. We spent the afternoon walking around German village and finding places along the way to stop. We also went to Club185 to take a few photos at the bar & photo booth we got engaged in.


The whole wedding planning experience has been amazing. It seems like so many friends of friends are involved in our wedding, which I think will make the wedding more enjoyable for everyone. I originally met Megan through one of my bridesmaids. Megan recommended her friends Nate & Allie from Revel DJ {} and a possible videographer we are looking into using. And all of these lovely people know many of my friends, bridesmaids, and officiant. It has worked out so well and I can tell it is going to be a wonderful day full of wonderful people.


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  1. Robin Miller

    I love these Davia! You two look so happy and natural — you can’t even tell you ever had nervous giggles. xox

    • Davia Schwind

      Thanks Robin! It’s b/c my photographer is amazing!!


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