Wedding Diaries: The Dress Dilemma

First Wedding Diaries entry for the Month of August is back with our BBQ, Burlap and Boots Bride, Maggie! 
Maggie Writes >>>

When you know, you know.

That’s what everyone tells you when you start the conversation about finding “the one” or “Mr. Right”. It’s also what everyone tells you when the topic of finding the perfect wedding dress pops up. For most brides-to-be, finding the wedding dress is just as important as finding prince charming…or maybe I’m just a crazy bridezilla.

When I went dress shopping, I took my future mother-in-law, my matron of honor, my cousin/bridesmaid, and my college roommate/bridesmaid. Because two of them had to come from out of town, this was THE day to find the dress. There was no other option. 

In preparation for the day, I stalked the bridal salon’s website. I printed 30 some-odd dresses and had friends, my mom, and my fiancé look over the options several times. One thing I knew I didn’t want was a repeat of my senior prom dress. You see, I had the pink, poofy prom dress nightmare from h-e-double hockey sticks. Sure, I loved it and was stoked about it…until I actually put the beast on for more than 20 minutes. It was a nightmare. I couldn’t move and got frustrated with how much room I took up in our limo or at dinner before the dance. I included very few ball gown styles in my dress list of pictures because of this experience.

Then my future mother-in-law had to go and suggest we go to a bridal show in town that would feature a dress fashion show. Darn her and her thoughtfulness. At the fashion show, I saw one that I just had to go and add to my list. They gave out a recent catalog and of course I saw another in there I hadn’t noticed on the website. The problem? Both were ball gowns.

During my actual appointment, I had the sales consultant pull the dresses from my list first. By this time, my list was at least 15 dresses. The first dress was from the fashion show. I fell in love. It was absolutely gorgeous….but probably too much for my honkey tonk of a wedding.

Most of the other dresses I tried on were fit and flare or a-line. They were exactly what I wanted and envisioned, but only one of them made me feel like a bride.Then I tried on the ball gown I saw in the catalog. This was the top contender. It had ruffles all down the skirt of the dress that were full of movement. It worked perfectly with boots and my plans to dance the night away.

In the end, it came down to the ruffles or the a-line that made me feel like a bride. How do you choose? Do you choose something that fits your vision…or do you choose the one dress that went against everything you wanted but is so much fun and makes you smile endlessly?

I chose the smiles…aka the ball gown I didn’t want.

You can plan for things in life all you want…but when you know, you know.


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  1. Charmaine/ All in a Soiree

    For most brides-to-be, finding the wedding dress is just as important as finding prince charming… ha that’s just too hilarious. What a challenge finding the right dress can be..good thing I have a brother-in-law who designs fashions makes the challenge a little easier when you can design your own gown.


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