Wedding Diaries: Robin’s Engagement Photos

One of the things I encourage all engaged gals do is attend wedding fairs and expos and enter to win contests. You never know – you just might win!

And win I did! After Matt and I had already secured a wedding photographer, I actually won a wedding photography package at the Lovesick Expo in San Francisco. Shhivika Chauhan was one of the wedding photographers at the expo and had such glamorous photos! I loved her style and was happy to win.

Shhivika understood what Matt and I envisioned for our engagement photos. It was like she could read my mind! I pictured our photos to be sultry, edgy, and a little Mad Men-esque. This image on Pinterest was actually my inspiration and I think Shhivika nailed it!

Wedding-diaries-Robin-Matt Engagement Photos - ShhvikaWedding-diaries-california-Robin-Matt- Shhvika

Shhivika did some research and found some great places to shoot that she felt would capture the vibe we were aiming for. Our first location was Wayfare Tavern, a “timeless San Francisco tavern” in the financial district. The staff were amazing and let us shoot in the Bartlett Room, a private dining space with an awesome old leather couch.

We also took photos at Fort Point underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. It was extremely windy and cold that day, but we were able to get a couple of good shots. Matt and I are very happy with our photos! Shhivika is a rockstar!

Wedding-diaries-california-Robin-Matt Engagement Photos - ShhvikaWedding-diaries-california-Robin-Engagement Photos - Shhvika Wedding-diaries-california-Robin-Photos - ShhvikaWedding-diaries-california-Robin-Matt Engagement-ring-Photos - Shhvika Wedding-diaries-california-Robin-Matt Engagement-shoot-ShhvikaWedding-diaries-california-Robin-Matt EngagementWedding-diaries-engagement-robinWedding-diaries-california-Robin-Matt Engagement-session-Photos - ShhvikaWedding-diaries-california-Robin-Matt-Engagement-ring Wedding-diaries-california-Robin-Matt Engagement - ShhvikaWedding-diaries-california-Robin-Matt Engagement-shoot

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PS: This post makes me extremely happy because Robin’s photographer Shhivika Chauhan is a Knotsvilla Wedding Vendor!

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