Wedding Diaries: Is it so much to ask to fall in Love with Plates?

Who knew the hardest part of our wedding planning journey would be picking out plates?!

Am I exaggerating? Probably. No, this isn’t our only issue *cough guest-list cough* but right now, it’s the only thing on my mind. I think the thing I looked most forward to when registering was picking out plates with my fiance. I’m pretty sure I built up the plate picking to be something as important as picking my wedding dress. The dress is something I’ll see pictures of for the rest of my life. My plates are something I’ll be using every day for the rest of my life. That’s pretty much the same, right?
I can’t find any plates that match our kitchen, aren’t black (which is what we currently have…but we also have major hard water stain issues in Texas), and are durable. Okay, I lied. I can find those plates, but I’m not in love with those plates.

I haven’t had this euphoric feeling of “these are the ones” like I did with my dress and my fiance. I know, I know…I won’t have these plates for-ev-er (said in a Sandlot voice), but I’ll have them for a good 5-10 years. Right now, that seems like a long time. We’ll probably have kids by then, be a in a different house, and *gasp* be in our 30’s. Those are huge milestones that we’ll need plates for!

The small nugget of my brain that isn’t wedding obsessed/crazed is telling me I’m nuts. Deep….deeeeeeeep down, I know it’s right. Is it so much to ask to fall in love with plates?!

Bride Maggie.
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