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Woohoo! Blogging Bride #2 for the Wedding Diaries is in! You know what is really exciting about this Bride? The fact that Bride Robin (who we introduced 2 weeks ago) pretty much linked Davia to join in! I just can’t be the only one excited about the Wedding Diaries this year, I feel we are in for some awesome wedding planning journey. OK, I’d stop talking and let Davia get in now.


Bride Davia>>>

How They Met

Eric and I met on OK Cupid, a dating website, in October of 2012. I decided to join a dating website when I realized I just wasn’t meeting any guys. My life choices, career, fitness, and social life all seemed to be surrounded by women. I chose Ok Cupid as the dating website because a friend of mine had met her boyfriend (now fiance) on there.

I liked Eric right away. We were a 98% match. He was the only one I REALLY wanted to meet. We chatted for 3 weeks before we finally met in person. Eric was the second online date that I went on. We met at a coffee shop in the morning an hour before I had to go to church. My new rules for dating online were no phone numbers before the date, have something scheduled after the date (in case it is bad), and coffee dates only.

As soon as I saw him I liked him. Our conversations were always really good and he made me laugh quite a bit. From there we quit Ok Cupid and started dating.

The Proposal

On the evening of Tuesday January 21, 2014, Eric came over as he always did on Tuesdays and we went to dinner. This particular night we was craving Club 185, one of my favorite bars in town and the only one with a photo booth. We ordered and he asked for change for a $20. That rose my curiosity and I asked “For the photo booth?” He said that I always took all the photo booth photos and he wanted one for his fridge. So I believed him.

After dinner we went into the photo booth and in the middle of the pictures he pulls out a box and asks me to marry him. I said “No you’re not!” Even after seeing the box I thought maybe he was teasing. When I realized it was really happening I said Yes!

You see Eric chose a typical night for the proposal because I had the idea that it was coming. We had had many discussion prior to the engagement about getting married. I also knew he had asked my parents for their permission when we spent the week visiting them in October 2013. Ever since then, every time he brought it up I would say, “Stop talking about it I want to be surprised.” So he knew he had to surprise me without doing something out of the ordinary.

He chose to propose in the photo booth because my walls are covered in photo booth photos. He said that is what gave him the idea. Sadly the photos came out a little bit smudged, but I didn’t really care I was thrilled that I was engaged!


The Ring

Eric and I went wedding ring shopping only once back in October, I didn’t find anything I liked. Pinterest has been a gem for wedding ideas & rings. I had pinned a few rings but I kept coming back to one. I gave him that ring as inspiration and said see what you can find. I told him the big takeaways from it were the basket and how dainty it was.

I had never seen the ring in person and never tried it on, but I am one of those girls who usually knows what she wants. My ring is more perfect than I could have asked for. Eric had it made for me. I wanted a smaller diamond than the one in the inspiration so the detail on the basket isn’t exact but it is pretty darn close. It is also very delicate and dainty like I wanted it. When I first tried it on I was afraid I would break it because it looked so delicate.

Eric is the man of me dreams. He is understanding, encouraging, patient, funny, fun to be with and my best friend. I love him so much and can’t wait to do life with him forever.

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  1. Berry Dakara

    Awwwwwww, congratulations! I’d still like to see the photo booth pictures, smudged or not!

  2. Suzanne Sschwind

    So Sweet… I loved reading your story again after hearing you tell it. 🙂


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