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I love the entries by Brides when they take us along with them on their Wedding planning journey, but nothing beats the excitement like seeing it all come together in a real wedding feature. I know all of you – myself included – feel like we all planned bride Berry’s wedding with her (lol) so I bet we are all thrilled to see it all. Personally I have the utmost respect for Bride Berry because I would have never imagined what a modern Beach wedding in Lagos, Nigeria would look like. I have never been to one, or seen one so this wedding is my first ever and huge kudos to Berry and Cakes because this Black and White Beach wedding came out awesome! I talk a lot, my bad – allow me to give the post to Berry.


Bride Berry >>>

We did it! Cakes and I finally got married – 3 times, no less! We had a registry wedding, a traditional Nigerian wedding, and a formal White wedding (well, if you call a beach ‘formal.’) All the planning and budgeting, invitation mishaps, dress shopping, hair and make-up trials, came together for roughly 2 weeks of wedding bliss!

Our registry wedding happened on the 12th of December, a short walk from my office. I actually went to work in my chosen outfit, finished up a report I had to do, and walked over to meet my love and our selected witnesses. It was a short ceremony and within 30 minutes, we were pronounced husband and wife. My 2 long-time friends took us out to lunch for a mini-reception, and yes, there was cake!


The traditional Nigerian wedding took place a week and a half afterwards, in my dad’s village called Kono. It was a 2-part process over 2 days. On the first day, Cakes and his family had to come and present the items on the Bride Price list (watches, purses, yams, goats, etc included). You could say that was the formal ceremony where my dad’s family officially handed me over to Cakes’ family. The following day was the big reception for all our family and friends who could attend. I wore 5 different outfits!!! I would come out, dance a little, go back in the house and change, and then come out again. It was well worth it!


The final part of the wedding festivities was the white wedding. We had decided to get married at the beach, which was almost a first by Nigerian standards. We wanted a small wedding, and actually pulled it off with between 200 and 250 people attending. For non-Nigerians, weddings here usually have between 500 and 1000 guests! We had a wonderful time, and our guests had a total blast! People were able to kick their shoes off, dance in the sand, have fresh coconuts, and just relax. We had rented about 20-30 rooms at the beach resort, so our family and some of our friends were able to spend the night and I hear some people stayed under the moonlight and stars until after midnight!


After everything, I can say that we had the perfect wedding. Even though not everything went to plan (e.g. our programs arrived AFTER the wedding reception had been on for 2 hours), we had a great time. My advice to brides – make sure you take time out to relax before the wedding and remember that you’re getting married to the love of your life. On the day of the wedding, you’ll hardly notice the centerpieces and flowers, because you’ll be too wrapped up basking in your hubby’s love and sharing the joy with your family and friends.

Best of luck to you and congratulations in advance!

P.S. PLEASE plan for a honeymoon! Cakes and I haven’t been able to go on one, cos I’ve gone back to work and now we’re spending time/money on making sure bills get paid.

<<< Bride Berry

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Thanks to Demi O. Photography for these perfect photos. If you have fallen in love with Berry like i did and want to continue seeing more of her, cakes and other life stuff, you can follow her on her blog Berry Dakara.

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