Wedding Anniversary at the Niagara Falls; #DavidAndGeeTurnOne

Yes I hashtagged it! Lol…these things sorta just happen and before you know your are “keeping up”, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 🙂 My very “famous” and expected Anniversary trip post is finally up. Let me first of all apologize as neither I nor David have great photography skills, so sorry in advance for the non-pro pics. However these pics should give you some insight to how much fun we had. Apparently this was my second time visiting Niagara Falls but I did not remember that until I got there! Makes sense because the first time, I think I only went to pick up someone so if I remember correctly I did not even step out of the car. So let us rephrase, this is the first time I got to EXPERIENCE Niagara falls and I’m glad I did this with my best friend.

What a fun trip, can’t wait for a #DavidAndGeeTurnTwo already 🙂

We left Toronto at about 1 p.m right after church on Sunday and headed for Niagara. at about 2.45 we got there which was somewhat later than we expected due to traffic and all that shenanigans, but we arrived and arrived safe 🙂 We checked in for the 2 nights at Best Western Plus Carin Croft Hotel which David and I could not stop talking about what a great choice it was. Considering the back and forths we went through trying to pick a hotel, we sure “lucked” out on Best Western Plus Carin Croft. The Hotel was not necessarily close to the Falls “where all the action happens”, about 5 minutes drive away and 30 minutes on the train which we took in order to have as much experience as we could.

The falls was all sorts of AMAZING! David and I went there the next day (Monday) and spent so much time aww-ing at the wonderful creation of God. Things like that definitely make me not doubt the existence of God, we were truly amazed. In terms of rides, we went on the Maid of the Mist which was pretty cool and a bit freaky considering how close we came to the falls itself, there was absolutely no way we were getting off that boat dry. After than we went on the SkyWheel which just gives a great view of the whole city from different directions.

After the daily activities, we went back home and went over our marriage counseling notes and talked specifically about ways to improve the gift of marriage we had. I believe we took a nap after that and then headed for Dinner at Tony Romas. Honestly I think that was our worst part of the trip, that food sorta sucked! lol.

Tuesday morning we headed back to Toronto, and life continued, only better of course 🙂

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