Vintage Picnic Engagement by Chelsea Mason Photography

When: July 2016 | Where: Ottawa, Ontario | Theme: Vintage, Picnic, 50’s, The Notebook

Totally inspired by the Notebook, Marise and Daryl rocked their Vintage Picnic engagement session this summer. The two showed up prepared for their 50’s styled themed session; from the picnic basket, to the 50s styled outfits, a bottle of champagne and other details.

About the Vintage Picnic Engagement Session – Notebook Inspired

“I think our favorite part about the whole shoot was really seeing it all come together. We had moments of feeling quite silly in our vintage clothing and costume makeup, and we knew nothing about the location we were shooting at. Luckily, our photographer Chelsea knew exactly what I had in mind and picked the most perfect spot for us. The location was perfect, the $10 thrift store props all came together, and even my fiance couldn’t help but love the experience!” – Marise

50s Style Engagement Session 50s Style Engagement Shoot 50s Style Engagement Session - Knotsvilla 50s Style Engagement by Chelsea Mason Photography 50s Style Engagement Session - couple Vintage Picnic Engagement Session Vintage Picnic Engagement Session Vintage Picnic Engagement by Chelsea Mason Photography Vintage Style Picnic Engagement © Chelsea Mason Photography Vintage Picnic Engagement Shoot - Knotsvilla © Chelsea Mason Photography The Notebook Inspired Engagement The Notebook Inspired Engagement Session The Notebook Inspired Engagement Shoot - Chelsea Mason Photography Vintage Picnic Style Engagement Session

About the Couple

“Although we started out as friends while working at the same restaurant for about a year, I knew Daryl was “the one” after one of our first breakfast dates- the kind where we overstayed our welcome by a few hours because we were so lost in the conversation and each other. Three years later, he found an excuse to take me back to that same restaurant, at the same table, and that’s where he got down on one knee. Needless to say, I said yes!”

Engagement Session Advice

“Choose a theme! To be honest, we weren’t immediately sold on the idea of having an engagement shoot (I practically had to drag my fiance to it), but having a theme really let us get creative and have some fun with it. We totally felt like characters in a movie once the shoot started, so it made the whole experience unique and quite special. Some of the other themes I considered were boho, amusement park, picnic and travel.”


Photography: Chelsea Mason Photography

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