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When: July 30, 2016 | Where: Missouri | Theme: Vintage, Carnival

Derek and Morgan’s vintage carnival engagement session immediately caught our eyes with lovely details such as their wardrobe selection, her hair, makeup and more. The pair would be tying the knot later in the year and won their engagement session through a giveaway contest. Their engagement theme was chosen to keep the same theme as their wedding which would also be a vintage carnival themed wedding.

“Our shoot being at a carnival, was chaotic and busy but somehow Michael made it work perfectly. I would have to say my favorite moment from the shoot was on the ferris wheel. It was gorgeous and all of the colors blended together perfectly.” – Morgan

Vintage Carnival Engagement

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About the Couple

“We met four years ago when I spur of the moment decided to go with a friend to get a small tattoo and Derek ended up being my artist. We exchanged phone numbers, went on a couple of dates and have been inseparable since.”

The Proposal

“Our proposal was so special and caught me so off guard I could barely speak “yes”. It was last December 12,2015 and extremely warm for the time of year. I’m a photographer and had a long day of shoots and was looking forward to a night on the couch watching a movie. Derek called and said to get dressed, I had no choice that we would be going ice skating.

Puzzled, I got ready and we went to Steinberg ice rink in Saint Louis. I had never been before so it was difficult but a lot of fun. Towards the end of the night he grabbed my hand around a curve and what I thought was him falling, was him taking a knee.

Reality sunk in as I started crying and he pulled a ring from his jacket pocket and asked me if I’d be his forever. He placed the ring on my finger and pointed to the left where he had my best friend and now Matron of Honor and her husband, taking photos and recording the whole thing and had been there most of the evening.” – Morgan


Photographer:  Henson Creative Photography//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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