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When: May 13th, 2017 | Where: Mt Pleasant, MI | Theme: Boho, Vintage, Barn | Colors: Neutral,

Sometimes we are lost for words, especially when we receive such detailed and personalized weddings to share with our readers like Shelby and Jon’s Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding! The couple tied the knot early this summer at their church, with the reception following at a local barn.

Being avid outdoor people, their wedding was full of unique, DIY details that perfectly reflected their personalities.

About the Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding

“While planning our wedding it was very easy for me to get caught up in the details and stress about everything being perfect and Jon kept me grounded the entire time. Our biggest thing was that we wanted it to be all about us from our favorite local band to the back yard barn that fit our style perfectly. We kept saying we want our guests to be comfortable and have fun!

Our vision was bohemian earth tones with a vintage look. We cut down all of our neighbors hydrangea trees and dried all of the flowers for our center pieces. I have always loved the natural classic look of dried hydrangeas and we saved a ton of money on flowers by using them as our center pieces. We accented the tables with slabs of barn wood from a barn that was tore down in our community.

Jon grew up working on the family dairy farm so adding a touch of the farm life was very important to us. Another important style from our life we wanted to represent was hunting. We brought this in by wrapping deer antlers around all of our center pieces. Along with my attire choices I wanted nothing to match, each center piece was different and unique. Our venue is a family friends barn that we always love going to so it just fit perfectly to have it there. We can always go back to it and reflect on our special day.”

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The Wedding Cake

“This is something we did not splurge on; we had pies for everyone instead of cake because that is Jon’s fav. desert. We did have a family friend make our small wedding cake for us to cut and it turned out so amazing! It was delicious and looked so pretty I didn’t even want to cut into it! It was a white cake with buttercream frosting that looked like a Burch tree with fresh flowers and greenery on it. It was so yummy Jon and I had it for breakfast the next morning!”

Wedding Favors

“We had mason jars with all of our guests names on them as their “drink for the night for whatever tastes right” (thank you Pinterest). These were actually my moms idea; i did not want to put the effort into them but I am glad we did because they turned out great!”

DIY, handmade/Personal Deets

“We really kept to the natural and simple is more look for our detail! All of the signs for the wedding my maid-of-honor made, we used old mirror trays and windows from an old barn.

Jon and I love the mountains so my favorite sign that is displayed in our home is “I love you to the mountains and back”.

We also wanted to include both of our deceased fathers but in a way where guests wouldn’t be sad for us (if that makes sense??) so we had a table with our fav. quote on an old window and had all of the wedding photos from each of our grandparents and our parents wedding days on display.

My mother in-law did an awesome job decorating the barn, full credit goes to her because I found the barn simply beautiful in itself and did not want to over do it. I like simplicity and the natural look of things but her light touches really made it stunning. She had antique chandeliers hanging, she made these twine/yarn balls that hung from the ceiling, she also had these ice cycle ornaments that hung as well.”

Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Just married vintage truck Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Vintage chalkboard seating chart Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Vintage photobooth backdrop Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Lighting decor Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Dried flowers centerpiece Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Simple centerpiece with dried flowers Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Vintage signage table Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Pin a flower in your hair sign Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Flowers hair pin Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Pies table Vintage Boho Inspired Barn Wedding - Cake

Wedding Planning Advice

“Keep it simple!!! We did not set a budget we just paid for things as we went and made sure our choices and our wedding bills fit our personalities and finical state. We both have decent jobs right out of college so we could not go above and beyond but we it was very nice and we kept it low key for the most part.

Our biggest goal was to not go into debt with our wedding and we didn’t! Another thing is we didn’t talk constantly about the wedding; I planned most of it with his input rather he cared or didn’t and we made sure to stay grounded that this day would be about us and not get caught up in what other people would say or think.

We kept it small which was hard to do and we knew we were going to upset people but we wanted to be able to actually see each other during the night and not spend all night greeting guests. Focus on building a marriage and not just a wedding.

As catholic we are required to do 6 months of pre-martial counseling which we really enjoyed but we also did extra on the side because is was important to us and we have learned so many values from the counseling that we will forever use. Take time for each other! Sneak away where you are alone and its quiet to really breath in the moment that you are now married!”

Proposal Story

“I planned my birthday weekend getaway to a trip up north to Pictured Rocks. We hiked 3 miles the first day to our campsite where we woke up the next morning to pouring rain and fog so thick you couldn’t even see the beautiful scenery. I was very bummed but Jon told me to get in the car and we will drive to a trail head where we could hike a short distance to see a waterfall.

Once we got there we had an amazing view of the falls but being adventurous we decided to hop the fence and go right down into the falls. We were standing on rocks in the river at the bottom of the falls; I was taking a video of the falls to show my mom. He was behind me and asked me to put my phone down and turn around.

So I did and he was down on one knee…under this AMAZING waterfall and asked me to marry him! In shock, half crying, half yelling, I said YES!

We then had to hike back up this steep cliff side full of mud where I held my left hand up the entire time because I was so afraid of losing the ring or getting it dirty. He then took me to my now favorite brewery in Munising for lunch; after ordering pizza and beer (our fav. meal) I went to the restroom…I came out and he had told the bartender and the entire bar was holding up shots, CHEERS to us!

It was absolutely perfect; we had no cell phone service so we couldn’t tell anyone even if we wanted to. It was just us for 48 hours celebrating our next adventure together! Needless to say he turned our trip around and made it the most memorable mini getaway ever!”

Photography: Carrie House Photography | Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph the Worker, Beal City, MI | Reception Venue: The Lynch Family Barn, Rosebush, MI | Floral: Elliots Greenhouse, Mt. Pleasant, MI | Stationery: Magnolia Street Paper | Wedding Cake: Dawn Wernette, Remus , MI | Rentals: Rent Rite, Mt. Pleasant, MI | Linens: Rent Rite, Mt. Pleasant, MI | Hair: Level Sevan Hair Studio

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