Urban Bridal Portrait Session by Joanne Leung Photography

It’s been a while since we had a Bridal Portrait/Trash the dress session here at the Villa, that’s why when I received this submission, it was pretty much a breath of fresh air to me. Really, sometimes I hunger for change on this blog and sessions like this very much satisfies me. Today’s Urban Bridal Portrait Session (post wedding session) by Joanne Leung Photography took place downtown Los Angeles after the two tied the knot in Las Vegas. Jae Won knew early on in her wedding planning process that she wanted to have a trash the dress session to release the stress of planning a wedding.

The couple and photographer strolled around downtown LA, stopping at urban corners with old clothing factory, vibrant street art, food trucks, to the cleaner lines of Disney Concert Hall, and accomplishing the trash the dress at Grand Park’s giant fountain. Clearly, it was a very relaxed and fun day out for the team.

Urban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-couple-downtown Urban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-kiss Urban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-couple-laUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-sessionUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-street-art-breaking-badUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-blue-food-truckUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-street-kissUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-blue-truckUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-bride-downtown-laUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-ttd-la-caliUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-knotsvilla-trash-the-dressUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-ttdUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-la-trash-the-dressUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-bride-wedding-dressUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-trash-the-dressUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-water-trash-the-dress-brideUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-brideUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-bride-downtownUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-california-ttdUrban-Bridal-portrait-port-wedding-session-bride-groom

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I am in love with her dress and hair! She seems to wear that one-strap dress so well, it’s breathtaking! Congrats to the newlywed, wishing you both a very happy marriage!

Vendors (Grab the Knotsvilla Badge) – Photographer:  Joanne Leung Photography | Reception Venue: downtown los angeles Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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