Unique Table Numbers to tell your Story: DIY

How personal can your wedding get? Can you make every little detail tell your story? Can you let your guests really feel like they have “stepped into your world” for those few hours they spend with you on your Big Day? If you can, you have probably scored for the most memorable wedding the guests might have ever been to up until that time.

One common way of personalizing your big day is running away from the “boring” table numbers (table1, table 2, etc) and skipping over to table names option. But today, we are taking it back to the “boring” table numbers but giving it a more personal twist!

Now you are letting your Table Numbers tell your stories.
See the pictures below.

This idea is really flexible and open to your own personality. Details like the font, the description, the numbers and of course the frames itself are all options to tweak a little to make it more “you”

 Geeky, Nerdy or just a Maths Lover? Have fun with the decimal places

A Christian Description

Noticed how I used the 3 and 23 numbers? I bet that is obvious why I did that 🙂 
* * * * *

 How to get this particular look:

Other ways you can get a similar look:

  • Get your own style and choice of frame
  • Get any paper color of your choice
  • Type in your description
  • Print it out
  • Then insert print out into frame
  • And display 🙂

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