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Although I adore a good church, traditional style wedding, it’s becoming quite the trend for brides & grooms to host their big days in off-beat, atypical venues. When the world is your oyster, there is seriously an endless amount of places to have a wedding! Because I think a wedding should be totally representative of the bride & groom, I’m a 100% 200% fan of finding unique locations to get married. The terrible reality is that I’ve already tied the knot and can’t use any of these terrific places! BUT, it’s not too late for you (or at least not too late for you to pass along the word!)

1. On a Bridge/Covered Bridge

If you’re from the Midwest like I am you’ll understand the great love this area has for our covered bridges.


Now if that isn’t one of the prettiest sights you’ve ever seen I’m going to call you a liar! The intimacy and rural elements of a covered bridge make any couple feel like they’re making their mark on history.

Although a covered bridge wedding is perfect for a couple from the Midwest, the bridge option doesn’t end there!


That’s right – I’m seriously head over heels for the industrial and architectural pieces of this bridge. If you’re planning for a modern wedding with a splash of big city feel… this bridge is calling your name!

2. An Aquarium/Zoo

Attention all animal lovers: THIS STYLE OF WEDDING VENUE IS FOR YOU!


I’m sorry, but this is seriously the best lighting that has ever graced the earth. How romantic and totally out of the ordinary to get married with lights like these. Best part about getting married in an aquarium or zoo? It’s likely to be pretty cheap! Most aquariums and zoos house several “indoor” auditoriums to seat guests while they watch the whale show (or whatever it is). I’d even pay the big bucks for romantic swirls of light and color [right now I’m envisioning bridesmaids in a sharp navy color and nautical touches EVERYWHERE – and yes, I’m over the top].

3. On a Mountain


Figured I’d let the picture speak for itself. Truth be told: a couple of friends from high school recently went to North Carolina to get married on a mountain. Their pictures are seriously DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. There’s no comparing the beauty of the outdoors to anything else – the mountain and the beautiful bride standing on its base will speak for itself. Plus – you have a GO TO vacation spot to remember your special day!

4. A Garden/Field

Picture the most serene scene with butterflies and wildflowers, the smell of nature and the taste of fresh air.


THIS could be your wedding day! Whether it’s your parents’ garden in their backyard where you grew up, or a field down the road owned by a local farmer, getting married in the wide open, totally exposed to nature and all its glory is such a whimsical way to wed.

5. A Barn

First off – getting married in a barn does NOT mean your wedding theme must be “country chic.” Although I ADORE the vibe a country chic theme gives, I’m a firm believer that you can choose any venue and not have it relate directly to the feel. Check this out:


A total transformation of a barn, but still has the rustic feel! I die.

6. A Museum

Did anyone else have “Night at the Museum” flash before their eyes? That movie series is seriously the best… if you haven’t seen it – STOP reading this blog post and go watch it – NOW! Now that tangent is over [oops!], please take note that a museum can be a mega elegant, very classy venue to host your wedding.


Your guests will likely drool at all the unique components that compose a typical museum: from architecture to displays to galleries and banquet halls to big, dramatic staircases and more. I’m particular to envisioning a Big Day held at an art museum, but perhaps you and your fiancé have a special love for State history.

I very nearly picked the Indiana State Museum for our wedding venue – my husband and I both adore history, and we thought what better way to encompass such a huge part of who we are! Turns out something a little more up our alley came into the picture, but this museum option is still something very near and dear to my heart. Think old Victorian house museum to downtown art museum – read my lips words – THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS.

7. A Sailboat

Now, can you seriously think of another wedding venue that makes you go “oh, I want that!!” more than getting married on a sailboat? Well, at least I can’t. Forced to include only your closest family and friends, a sailboat wedding ceremony brings that moment together in SUCH a special way.


See? I did it again to myself. I want to get remarried to my husband so we can have a sailboat wedding.

8. A Park

I know what scene just popped into your head: The Wedding Planner park wedding! But let’s be real – there’s a reason why they pick that venue in the movie…. Because it’s fabulous! And, TOTALLY unique. Here’s the picture ‘cause I know you want to see it.


9. A Landmark

Whether it’s a space special to your ancestors, or just a historical marker of your hometown with your high school sweetheart, a landmark can be a super unique place to hold your special moment.


10. A Library: The most romantic.


I assume any book lover just died over that photo – I know I did. As I began my wedding venue search for our big day, I realized that there are a LOT of public buildings where you can host events. One of those “are you kidding me!” places I initially looked into was the public library. Here’s the thing about libraries – they have their own décor, prestige, and grandeur! Sure, maybe a modern (built in the 2000s) library doesn’t have that old timey/other world feeling, but lots of the older library buildings have immaculate pillars, grand staircases, and LOTS of space for you to utilize on your big day.

Really I just rambled about what I would do if I could do our big day over again – I hope it inspired you to think outside of the box and create a day that is truly representative of your love! THAT’S what weddings are all about, Charlie Brown.

About the Author: Amy Furrow is the owner of Marilyn’s Keepsakes an online wedding decoration and personalized gift boutique. She enjoys helping brides create their dream wedding by offering a one-stop shop for all their wedding day must-haves. From wedding veils and sand ceremony kits to wedding favors and champagne flutes, Marilyn’s Keepsakes has many styles and themes to choose from. Best of all? They offer FREE personalization.

Photo Credits: Post Cover photo by Briana Calderon Photography, a #KnotsVillaWeddingVendorTeam member!

Bridge Wedding Photo by Stacey Hedman Photography | Second Bridge photo via Wikipedia | Aquarium Wedding photo by Gabriel Boone Photography via Butter Seattle | Mountain Wedding photo by Kelli Nixon Photography via My Wedding | Garden/Field Wedding photo by Jasmine Star Photography | Barn Wedding photo by Jonas Peterson via GWS | Museum Wedding photo by Jasmine Star photography via GWS | Sailboat Wedding photo by Robyn Thompson via SMP | Park Wedding photo via Imdb | Landmark Wedding photo by Jessica Schmitt Photography via Bridal Bar | Kelly Clarkson Library Wedding photo by Archetype Studios

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