Types of Wedding Shoes and How to Select Yours

I’d tell you something I figured out when I was planning my wedding; picking out wedding shoes is not as easy as it sounds. I remember how long it took me to find my wedding shoes and what really sucks is the fact that I hardly wear them today. If you know Knotsvilla very well, you’d know this blog preaches a lot about using re-wearable items for your wedding, so it doesn’t seem like a “waste” after the big day.

So today, I write not just to throw some very pretty shoes in your face but to educate you about the types of wedding shoes and how to select yours. I looked through real weddings of Knotsvilla and studied the wedding shoe choices for each bride, such a wide variety!

Here are 6 different types of wedding shoes and read below 3 key points to consider when selecting your wedding shoes.

1. Flats & Wedges

Flats are shoes that typically do not have any heel height. A common style are the Ballet Flats which are usually closed-toe flats modeled after the shoes worn by ballet dancers. Flats are an easy option to look feminine and chic without adding height.

Wedges are shoes with heels that extends from the back to the ball of the shoe, laying flat on the ground.


Glitter Ballet Flats | Photo by Red Lavender


Blue Tan Toms Flats and Wedges | Photo by Richard Bell Photography


Floral linned Peep Toe Flats | Photo by Arden Photography

2. Open Toe Shoes

Open Toe shoes are usually covered shoes with only the toes visible. Peep Toe shoes are open toes shoes where the openings are much narrower than usual. Open toe shoes are available in all heights, heel widths and styles. They can be open or closed back, but always show a peek of your pedicure.


Red Satin Peep Toe Pumps with Brooch | Photo by Open Aperture Photography


Ivory Crystal Covered Peep Toe High Heels | Photo by POPography

3. Close Toe Shoes

Just as the name suggests, the toes are covered. Also available in all heights, heel widths and styles. Pumps are a common style of closed toe shoes which are typically characterized by a medium or high heel. Pumps are typically completely enclosed.


Low heel Pattern Closed Toe Shoe | Photo by Lennon Photo


Mint Closed Toe Pumps | Photo by Richard Bell Photography

4. High Sandals

Usually these are very exposed shoes showing a lot of the feet especially the side. Most of these shoes come with both open backs and open toes but a few have closed toes as well.


Silver Sandals with rear Bows | Photo by Chloe Moore Photography


Closed Toe Ankle Strap Sandals with Studs | Photo by Christopher Duggan Photography


Classic Ivory Sandals with thick Straps | Photo by Dear Darling Photography

5. Sling Back Shoes

Sling back shoes are backless shoes that are held in place with a strap at the back of the foot. The strap is typically elastic or buckled for adjustment. The straps could be behind the heel or ankle. Straps can be elastic or adjustable with belt-buckle closures.


Pink Glitter Peep Toe Sling Back Shoes | Photo by Stephanie W. Photography


Gold Platform Heel Sling Back Shoes | Photo by BK Concept


Silver Sequin Peep Toe Sling Back Shoes | Photo by Richard Bell Photography

6. Boots

Boots are shoes that cover the entire foot and extends to the height of the anklebone or as high as the thigh. Mid-length and ankle boots are most common for weddings. They are comfortable and come in a wide range of styles.


Photo by Andi Diamond Photography


Photo by Holly Frazier Photography

How to Select Your Wedding Shoes

Here are 3 things to consider when selecting your wedding shoes: The Wedding Style/Theme, The Comfort and The Budget. With these 3 in mind, choosing your wedding shoes should be much easier than it was for me. Always remember it is always a score when you can use your wedding shoes after the wedding!

How to Select your wedding shoes

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