Types of Honeymoons and What to Pack

Happy Monday friends! Today we would love to talk about the final wedding planning step that usually occurs after the wedding; Honeymoons! When planning your wedding and honeymoon at the same time, the expenses rack up pretty easily, so for couples trying to spend wisely on the honeymoon, first step is to determine what types of honeymoons exist, fits your style and your budget.

In deciding what honeymoon type is best for a couple, a lot of times the interests and finances are key options that play a huge role in making that decision. Here are 4 types of honeymoons available based on the interests of a couple and a few options on what to pack for them.

1. City Honeymoon

If you are the kind of couple who doesn’t fancy long drives and too much relaxation, a city honeymoon is one you would love. City honeymoons are perfect for couples on the go, ready to explore bars, restaurants, architecture and the people of such cities.  Staying in a stylish city hotel by the airport or right in the middle of the city madness like downtown would definitely be something to look out for. If you like the feeling of being the only one on a honeymoon in the midst of people going about their daily lives, a city honeymoon is perfect! Popular cities perfect for this type of honeymoon are New York, London, Barcelona, Venice, Bangkok, Tokyo and more.

When it comes to packing for a city honeymoon, we think of the basics; these are pretty much the general things you pack when making any trip. But always keep in mind the setting (location), the activities that city is known for and the season of the trip.


2. Beach Honeymoon

When we talk of honeymoons, many times we think of rest and relaxation. It only makes sense that after the 6-12 months of planning a wedding, a couple would need that break to rest and that is where a perfect Beach honeymoon comes in. This is the most common honeymoon type. There’s little to nothing more relaxing than being outside by the water and soaking up the sun with your new spouse. Apart from from just being by the beach basking in all that warmth, remember other ideas like romantic beach picnics exist too!

3. Safari Honeymoon

Why many Americans are honeymooning in Africa? This might just be it! Unlike the beach honeymoon, this type of honeymoon is all about adventure, being on the go and discovering new things. What better way to begin your married life than with a real adventure that is exciting, full of adrenaline rushes and also gives you both opportunities to see more of the world, nature and wildlife? The Safari adventure honeymoon is all about experiencing the wildlife in its variety and splendor; the sight of prides of lions, spot majestic tigers and grazing giraffes. The kind of adventure many get to experience once in their lifetime; the kind of experience on a lot of bucket lists!


Photo via Londolozi

4. Winter Honeymoon

It doesn’t always have to be in the summer – I mean your honeymoon. For strong lovers of the season that comes with white delicate and fluffy snowballs (like Christmas), your perfect winter honeymoon could be one romantic getaway to remember. The winter honeymoons are usually for those who opt for something different and have an eye and interest in those fun winter activities. Activities such as skiing, private sleigh rides and snowmobile tours with your new spouse can be rounded up with romantic in-house dinners in your private cabins/cottages all warmed up and cozy!

Also winter honeymoons might be a great option for those who can’t wait to jump right into the honeymoon after their winter wedding, since the winter period is the off peak wedding period and things are relatively cheaper then. Who says a couple has to wait and postpone the honeymoon till summer? There are many locations offering very romantic winter honeymoons.

What to pack for your Honeymoon

I have categorized them into 8 major categories; Documentation, Money, Undergarments, Medication, Emergency Contacts, Hygiene, Electronics and Clothing & Accessories.

  • Boarding passes, Tickets, passports & Visas
  • Driver’s License
  • Credit Card, Money (Currency)
  • Reservation confirmations of bookings made. Eg of restaurants, hotels, cars, etc
  • Important phone numbers (doctor’s, nanny’s, emergency contacts)
  • Medication and Medical kit
  • Makeup, Jewelry and other clothing accessories (Appropriate for the setting and season)
  • Clothes to wear (Look up the weather and plan accordingly)
  • Lingerie and Underwear
  • Full Toilet Bag (toothbrush, sponge, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, face cleansers, lotions, etc)
  • Camera, memory cards and batteries
  • Electrical adapter for destinations outside the U.S. (if needed)
  • Phones, headphones and Phone Chargers
  • Maps, guidebooks, and a translation dictionary (if needed)
  • Hair dryer (if your hotel does not provide one)
  • Music device (Mp3 player & Dock-loaded with romantic music)

Additional for Beach Honeymoon

  • After-sun cream
  • Beach bag (can double as tote to bring home souvenirs)
  • Sun hat
  • Swimsuit and cover-up
  • Flip-flops or day-to-night sandals
  • Water shoes

Additional for Safari Adventure Honeymoon

  • Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots
  • Small compass
  • Mosquito netting (if needed)
  • Anti-malarial
  • Binoculars
  • Light, cotton clothing in light tones (include long- and short-sleeve shirts, long pants, and shorts)
  • Safari or sun hat
  • Wildlife guides
  • Pair of Trainers or Hiking Shoes
  • A Wide Brimmed Hat
  • Sunscreen

Additional for Winter Adventure Honeymoon

  • Heavy sweaters and Turtlenecks tops
  • Underlayers (such as long underwear)
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Head warmers or headbands
  • Neck warmers/Scarves
  • Goggles
  • Skis, poles, ski boots
  • Waterproof socks
  • Hand and foot warmers
  • Waterproof boots
  • Ski locks and bags
  • Waterproof ski pants and jacket or snowsuit

Hopefully you find this helpful. What other item can you think of that was helpful to you on your honeymoon? Add them to the comments below, so we can help future brides be READY for their honeymoon!

Happy new week lovers!

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