Two Piece Wedding Dresses | 3 Reasons to Choose a Two Piece

Up until a few months ago, I never really digged the idea of a two piece wedding dress aka bridal separates. Almost all I had spotted were a bit too risque for my taste until I saw Kathryn’s look. Then I said to myself “You know, this two piece wedding dress Idea is actually a genius one!”

A genius idea? Why? Well in that moment, I quickly came up with 3 reasons why I would totally rock a two-piece wedding dress if I had to do it all over again – or at least in 2022 when hubby and I celebrate the 10 year anniversary.

Houston New Year's Eve Wedding - bridal two piece wedding dress

Knowing my taste/style which is always more on the modest side, immediately seeing Kathryn’s dress I realized how a two-piece dress could be modern yet modest

1. Modern/Non-traditional: For a bride who craves modernity and anything unconventional, aside from the decor styling or even the “traditions” like garter/bouquet toss you choose to do away with, your bridal look can also swing to the unconventional side with a two piece wedding dress.

A wedding dress is known to be exactly just that a “dress”, but in today’s world it’s actually a thing to have a “wedding top and skirt” which is clearly what we refer to when we say a two-piece wedding dress.

2. Versatile: The versatility a two piece wedding dress brings to the table is easily one of my favorite selling points (well #3 is definitely my fave point!). As with a woman’s everyday style, there’s only so much you can do to make a dress have a different look whereas when we think of a top and skirt, the combinations are almost endless.

So think of a two-piece wedding dress that way. From different colors to the length of the skirt, the length/style of the sleeve and much more, a bride is giving so much options to change up her wedding look when rocking a two piece wedding dress as compare to the standard one piece.

3. Rewearable: Now we get to my absolute favorite point – the re-rockabaility of your wedding dress! So for my wedding, I wore the standard one piece dress, while I was not really a huge fan of my dress, I would have certainly appreciated a two piece look because that way I could change the look up and some how wear it again to future events. But instead, a day after my wedding, I took my dress to Salvation army and donated it.

If you are an avid reader of this blog, you would know how much I sing the praises of bridesmaids dresses you can wear over and over again after the wedding. So when I figured even a bride could get this perk with a two piece wedding dress, needless to say, I was over the moon!

We are talking wedding Anniversaries, birthdays, dinners, and the list goes on of possible future events where a once-upon-a-time-bride can rock her “wedding top” or “wedding skirt” without feeling out of place.

So yeah, this two-piece wedding dress idea is genius!

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