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Two Becoming One is the 4th track of the 5 track album called Set Your Eyes – EP by Jonathan and Emily Martin. The couple are music lovers, singers and song writers who “believe that the scriptures are literally the words of God and therefore powerful, helpful, and beautiful.”

Two Becoming One was published on youtube in 2014. Having gone over the lyrics, this song would be ideal for a first dance for the Christian couple. Not only are the lyrics perfect but the whole song is extra pleasing to the ears!

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Lyrics: Two Becoming One – Jonathan and Emily Martin

Here’s my hand
It’s yours to hold
I give myself to you

Here’s my heart
Please make it yours
I give my love to you

We are two becoming one

Here I am
Here’s all of me
You have all that once was mine

Here’s my promise
I’m yours to hold
I’ll stay here by your side

We are two becoming one

We are two becoming one
May what He’s joined be not undone
May our love put Christ on display
When we’re weak and when we’re strong
When it’s hard to carry on
O God, we want Your love on display
We are two becoming one

Here’s my life
I lay it down
I give up myself for you

Here’s my will
I submit to you
I will follow where you lead

We are two becoming one

Here we are
We’re Yours and Yours alone God
Here we are
May what You’ve joined be not undone
We want
The world to see Your love through us
We want more of You

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