Tranquility Farm Wedding Shoot

About the Tranquility Farm Wedding Shoot

Today’s shoot is another great start to the week. Morgan Walker of Petals and Hedges and Alicia of Love Knot Photo worked together to come up with a unique elopement-style wedding inspiration shoot at a newer venue in northern Virginia. Instead of using the barn, the team opted to use the 130-ft silo, which is something neither of them had seen before.

Tranquility Farm was founded in 1807 and is a new wedding venue in Northern Virginia. The main idea for this shoot was to use a location on the farm that most couples wouldn’t consider. The silo seemed to be the perfect option!

The styled bride wore a dove-gray dress rather than white to continue with the unique theme. Because many brides these days are opting for colored dresses, this one really stands out in its uniqueness for the perfect non-traditional bride.

The stationery for this shoot is yet another section to admire, the calmness and elegance of the escort cards and the woodland/rustic creatures used to hold them in place is gorgeous and so is the whole reception table. Did you spot that floral cake perfection? Enjoy this lovely shoot sent to us by Love Knot Photo.

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Photography: Love Knot Photo | Styling and Florals: Petals and Hedges | Ribbon: Silk and Willow​ ​| Ring: Trumpet and Horn​ ​| Ring Box: The Mrs. Box​ | Dress: Ebrada Atelier​ ​| Jewelry: Sugar Magnolia​ | Stationery/Calligraphy: Kelley Wills​ ​| Vintage Rentals: Bella Villa​ ​| Cake Topper: Pluma Paper​

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